Daughters of Valentín Elizalde will sue their grandmother for the singer’s inheritance

The brother from the singer Valentin Elizalde, talks about the controversy his family faces, since it has been announced that the daughters of the deceased interpreter plan to sue their grandmother for the goods supposedly left by their father.

Last June, two of the three daughters of the late singer announced that they would sue their grandmother Camila Valencia for denying them access to Valentín Elizalde’s inheritance.

The daughters named Gabriela and Valeria claim, among other things, alleged properties that the interpreter inherited from them, including a farm that their grandmother is supposedly trying to sell.

Let us remember that the singer was murdered in Reynosa, Tamaulipas and in AmericanPost.News We have told you how was the last concert of ‘El Gallo de Oro’.

Who got the inheritance from Valentín Elizalde?

The daughters of Valentín Elizalde assure that their grandmother kept his inheritance Francisco Elizalde assures that he has made his own fortune

Regarding the inheritance of the deceased singer Valentín Elizalde, the brother of the interpreter Francisco Elizalde, announced that the assets claimed by his nieces are from his mother.

He affirms that the properties are in the name of Valentín Elizalde’s mother for a long time and that they are not part of the singer’s inheritance.

During an interview for the program “Ventaneando”, the singer also assured that the money generated by his now deceased brother is very little, unlike what his nieces think.

“The laws are very straight, one can look for a hundred thousand lawyers, but the law stipulates certain things. They want to grab something that does not touch them, but that belongs to my mother.”

“They want to take advantage of something that does not exist. They think that the Vale did a lot and continues to generate, the Vale continues to generate, but it is not the same when it has already passed away. He had a very short career, he had expenses and he indulged himself “said the singer’s brother.

Francisco Elizalde talks about his fortune

Francisco Elizalde ensures that he has made his own fortune

The brother of Valentín Elizalde, spoke of his career as a singer and also assured that his money and fortune do not come from the inheritance and assets left by El Gallo de Oro.

The singer Francisco Elizalde assures that he himself has worked to obtain his own fortune based on a lot of work and effort.

“I started working in music since I was 16 years old, but people think that everything is because of Valentine,” he said.

Valentin Elizalde it was murdered In the early morning of November 25, 2006, after finishing a presentation in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, where he received 60 bullet wounds aboard a truck, which caused his death.

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