David Beckham makes fun of Victoria’s exercise routine on board a ship

Victoria and David Beckham.

Photo: Danny Lawson/WPA/Pool/Getty Images

As a general rule, celebrities usually share idyllic pictures of their vacations on their social networks, especially if they take place in paradisiacal settings or luxurious yachts. But david beckham Y victoria beckham They’ve been bringing out their sense of humor for a few years now in their summer interactions with Internet users, and now it’s the former soccer player’s turn to show his wife in her funniest and even ridiculous facet.

As if it were some kind of revenge, as a result of that image that the designer published last year to show off her boyfriend’s muscular butt during a relaxing day in the pool, now David has posted a video on his Instagram account in which he appears smiling and enjoying a morning coffee. In a matter of seconds, Victoria makes an appearance in the frame without being aware that she is being recorded and while she walks the deck doing push-ups.

David tries unsuccessfully to contain his laughter as the former Spice Girl works out outside, clad as usual in tight sports gear, sunglasses and a hat to protect herself from the sun. “wait for it to arrive“, warns the also former Manchester United player to justify the first seconds of inactivity of the video. “I can’t even drink my coffee without seeing Victoria doing strides“, he joked in the description.

The once unfriendly and cold Victoria seems like a new woman since celebrities began to proliferate in the virtual sphere. In her social profiles, the former singer has dismantled that negative image that certain sectors of the press and public opinion had about her, although she assures that she really shows herself as she has always been.

Of course, Victoria was quick to respond to David’s latest prank, berating him for not joining her on her busy sports morning. “It seems to me that I have lost my training partner during these holidays, David!”, She has snapped at him. By the way, to return this poisonous gesture, The former singer has not been slow to upload a photo of the star of the ball dressed in a tiny and revealing swimsuit: “You’re welcome, kisses from Positano!” he wrote.

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