David Bowie’s ghost record reappears

They have reported that the david bowie ghost record in its original format, after the disc “Toy” 2001 he was buried due to a dispute with Virgin. And, since 2011, a pirated version of “Toy” of poor quality has been circulating on the internet.

On the other hand, they have commented that some of their cuts were already used by Bowie in “Heathen” or for B-sides of singles. For his part, the singer’s French specialist, author of “David Bowie Rainbowman”, commented that fans already know two-thirds of the album.

On The Truth News We shared with you previously that in January 2021 some enigmas of his album BLACKSTAR were revealed, as it was one of the most anticipated albums since it coincided on his birthday, January 8.

David Bowie’s ghost record comes to light 20 years after its creation

David Bowie’s ghost record to reappear on Friday British singer passed away in 2016

The album “Toy” arises from the versions of “Can’t help thinking about me”, a song that the singer performed with his group in the late 1990s, as well as Mark Plati, Sterling Campbell and Earl Slick. It is worth mentioning that the famous rose to fame, as the Glastonbury festival concert in 2000 was engraved in the memory of the fans.

We remember that the singer had stopped working with Visconti before “Let’s Dance”, so Soligny commented that Bowie intended to work with him again. On the other hand, when Glastonbury ended, the singer entered the studio with his group to resume recorded songs.

After 20 years later, they explained that the album is a temporary capsule with the sound of happy musicians playing together, but in 2002, Bowie declared that the two years that preceded his departure, regarding Virgin, were horrible, so the artist put “Toy” in a drawer and pulled out “Heathen.”

The album will be released in its first original version this Friday, within “David Bowie 5 Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001)”, in addition the box contains other recordings such as a direct on BBC radio. While on January 7, 2022, “Toy (Toy: Box)” will be released, another version of the album with acoustic and alternative cuts.

What is the most listened to David Bowie song?

The British singer passed away in 2016

Last August the top ten of the most listened to songs was released, so “Heroes” by David Bowie, a song that was recorded in French, English and German, topped the list, as well as other songs such as “Let’s Dance ”,“ Space Oddity ”, have been the most listened to.

As well as the songs “Life on Mars”, “Starman”, “Rebelde Rebelde”, “Moonage Daydream”, “Changes”, “Ziggy Stardust” and “Modern Love”, but recently they have released that the ghost album of David Bowie will see the light after being finished.

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