David Chocarro and Carolina Laursen confess why dance is making them fall in love again

As we told you in scoop, David chocarro and Carolina Laursen will be one of the famous couples that will get on the track of ‘Así se Baila’, the new reality of Telemundo that begins next September 12 at 8/7 PM Central.

Days before seeing how skilled they are at dancing, we had an intimate and fun chat with the actor and director, and his wife, also an actress and writer, where They tell us why dance is making them fall in love again.

And we mean that few know that it was just a I work in a disco in Europe where they met, they fell in love and even They even danced tango in different parts of the world making a living.

Today, both have successful careers, not only at the public level, but also at the level of artistic growth, experience and talent. They have done theater, series, shows on social networks and YouTube and advertisements together, but they lacked this: participate as themselves, Caro and Dey, in something they love to do together, dance.

That is why, when the proposal reached Chocarro, he did everything possible -and the impossible- so that he could accommodate himself in his work schedule before telling his wife and mother of his two daughters, Allegra and Brigitta: “If I told him, he would make me cancel everything to be“He and she laughs, confirming that it would.Carolina Laursen and David Chocarro

Carolina Laursen and David Chocarro. Photo: David Chocarro

-New challenge, is this fun, daring, bravery, challenge?
David Chocarro: Fun I think it goes to point number one, enjoy, art, challenge.

Carolina Laursen: Challenge because too the challenge of dancing is great, of these choreographies that are not so easy, to grow as an artist suddenly too, and yes courage you have to be brave to be.

David Chocarro: Yes, the possibility of doing projects together… Yes we do a lot of things together, theater, we have done in ‘100 Días (para Enamorarnos)’ for example on TV, but it is not given to us very often, so when the possibility appears, and on top of that, dancing with a mega show around, What they produce for you, the rehearsal, what professional choreographers put on you, we love all of that, it amuses us.

-What are we going to see?
Carolina Laursen: To us (laughs) as we are, for now they have not been with us much in privacy yet, and I do not know how it will be later but we are always like that, it is not that we have a character.

David Chocarro: Not much to hide, not much to show… It seems to me that maintaining that same balance, beyond context in this case is in a program, but it seems to me that it is a bit the same.

-How is that achieved in a reality show?
David Chocarro: I believe that somehow setting the limits and being strict with itThere we have certain differences with Caro, I’m not looking at her and see how she laughs.

Carolina Laursen: I laugh because I do not care I am very open, he is more reserved.

David Chocarro: Yes it costs me, it costs me a lot. We did put certain conditions, the truth is that they were conversations, more than conditions … There are things that I am not going to show because I am not interested, I don’t want as we say in Argentina: “I don’t want Quilombo”We came here to dance, to have fun, above all that, and to do it with commitment, it is not to come and take it without seriousness, no, we are going to do it with all possible dedication. Our center is art, it is dancing and doing it with commitment, so this is not reality.

Carolina Laursen: To me honestly reality doesn’t even scare me, because I’m so calm that no matter how much they want to provoke me or that there is quilombo, it is very rare that they are going to achieve it. This show finds us in a very mature stage of our life.

-You met somehow dancing, you were hired for a disco, and then you were dancing tango abroad. Do you feel nostalgic for going back to what you fell in love with at some point?
Carolina Laursen: I love it, it thrills me, It seems to me that dance is something that was always present in our relationship … It is very ours And the truth is that it excites me. How nice that, after so many years, to continue playing and feeling this with dancing, because I was saying to him the other day when he was dancing: “I love to see you dance, I love to see you dance”.

David Chocarro and Carolina Laursen in ‘Así Se Baila‘. Photo: Telemundo

David Chocarro: Me too, I always liked to dance … When I met Caro, I was able to uncover myself in that enjoyment of dancing because for me I danced in a context, in musical comedy, but I wasn’t the one who went to a party and danced… When I met Caro, it was “if you like, dance, dance, what does it matter”… So, that’s how incorporate dance into my life in a different way, and yes It became part of our history, it always accompanied usWe got married, we did choreography, on every birthday there is choreography, our friends get married and we do choreography… All the time we are putting together choreographies. Then they invented Tik Tok and copied us (laughs).

-What did you find out about you in rehearsals?
David Chocarro: I’m how old I am (laughs)… I still think I got my rhythm back, but everything hurts, the truth is that I’m getting tired.

Carolina Laursen: Me too, I told David that my leg muscles hurt, it’s been many hours, it’s 5 hours of rehearsal, it’s a lot. He plays paddle tennis and has a lot of training and I do yoga and dance classes, but not so many hours, it is a very professional rhythm.

David Chocarro: I think more than discovering is meet again with the rehearsal, which we knew we would like, because we love rehearsalBe it choreography, dance, theater, a movie, whatever. This repeating and polishing, one gets in a very creative state, the coaches are divine, they are super creative, not only do they bring us their proposals, but they let us participate, and create a story for that dance, so we are very active.

Carolina Laursen: He is very creative, and that is great, yes it is to rediscover that it is good to rehearse, I want it to be tomorrow because I already want to come to rehearse again, I like it despite the fatigue.

David Chocarro and Carolina Laursen participants of ‘Así Se Baila’. Photo: Telemundo

-David, what can’t we miss about Carolina?
David Chocarro: It will be very nice for you to know this facet, although it is known, I think that today with the networks, it allows you much more, but obviously this He is going to give them an artistic, sensitive part that I think Caro puts on each artistic piece, and I’m talking about art and not dance, because you can find Caro directing a play, you can find her writing, you can find her drawing, you can find her in crafts, and In everything he puts a love of art and this is the possibility that people see that and get infected of that, it’s hypnotic, it’s cute, I know you’re going to love it.

-Caro, what are we going to find out about David?
Carolina Laursen: They are going to meet a David with his personality, with his most genuine stage of life, and it seems to me that he is good, that it is something that is not fiction but that it is really him, and that they see him have fun as he is, like a baby … When he’s really playing he’s a baby and it’s so cute to see it, it’s so contagious. Beyond that people know him as an actor and that he is a good actor, and they will find a personality that perhaps they do not have from you.

-You have 9 opposing couples, is there one that you have more respect for?
Carolina Laursen: I think they are all very talented, I don’t know their dance levels, honestly still on a technical level, on an exhibition level, orobviously if there is a vote to the public that there are many people who have a lot of exposure, and that they follow her in networks, and that they can probably beat us also for that, but particularly there is Gregorio (Pernía) and his daughter… The other day we crossed her, she is tiny, divine, skinny, they will be able to flutter her through the air, she has an elasticity.

David Chocarro: And it also comes with the Tik Tok gene.

Carolina Laursen: Of course, they already know how to dance, they are born dancing, so I think that competing against a 15-year-old girl does not have a chance.

David Chocarro: It’s good, because there is a very large variety, I for example think that Gabriel Porras and Laura Flores, I don’t know what their dance levels are like, but I know that both, because I had the opportunity to work with both, they have a lot of plasticity, they adapt to anything and they are very creative and they are very dedicated … Then together they will surely find him, if not on one side it is on the other, they will make the choreography spectacular.

-What are you looking for in this? Are you looking to win, are you just looking to have fun and enjoy it?
Carolina Laursen: I believe that it is an experience of enjoyment that we are looking for, to do something together, and in that something together to have a good time.

David Chocarro: There is no mission or competitive, or exposure, the truth does not go through that side, The whole decision always revolved around How fun! How fun to be able to do this!… How nice that they catch us at this age!… There have been many years out there working outside, with a very busy life in general, so when can you meet in the same place, with a project that you like, that excites you, that you are passionate about it, what makes you want, it’s a giftIt’s basically that and I think everything is centered on that.

-David doesn’t like to lose the ball, is everything really so romantic?
Carolina Laursen: But now it is more mature.

David Chocarro: I’m still more mature for two reasons: the first is because, definitely, one is growing over time, and I feel that I modify many things, and the other because I lose more and more often, so I got over it (laughs).

-What do you want to tell the public that is going to be supporting you, that is going to be looking at you, that is going to be discovering you in a different way?
Carolina Laursen: Thank you first, for being there, for watching the show, for supporting us, and all the others who are doing this … That the lady in the house say: “I can dance with my husband, if they are dancing, I can too, let’s dance“… And there is like this fun thing that in the end for me is what we are doing.

David Chocarro: Yes this man, who hurts, everything can dance

Carolina Laursen: If he moves, I can too. Let them be infected, have fun, have a good time, we are in a difficult time, of a pandemic, and this is a show to give yourself a while, to have fun.


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