David Chocarro and Carolina Laursen from ‘Así se Baila’: “We started not enjoying it”

Carolina Laursen and David Chocarro. Photo: Telemundo / Juan Felipe Rangel

Photo: Telemundo / Juan Felipe Rangel / Telemundo

They lived a difficult night this Sunday David Chocarro and Carolina Laursen in ‘Así se Baila’ where up to they faced the judges Adamari López, Mariana Seoane and Cristián de la Fuente after a return that they considered unfair.

At the end of the competition, we interview them exclusively and with total sincerity they confessed to us: “We began not to enjoy it”. Why? They tell you themselves.

“Today was a strange night, we had a lambada … We were a little angry about that.Carolina began by saying, who also assured us that she feels that Adamari has something against him because he always criticizes her.

It is a complicated song, with a simple choreography, not very competitive.… They were hard, ”added Chocarro, who felt throughout the week that this would end like this, with this frustration, something that he says he confirmed when he learned that they would be the first to dance.

Carolina Laursen and David Chocarro
Carolina Laursen and David Chocarro. Photo: Telemundo / Juan Felipe Rangel

Let’s start at the beginning. The couple Larusen-Chocarro were chosen ‘The Silver Couple’ last week. Where as a prize they had to choose who to challenge. They had a lambada, and a rumba. But everything changed when it was learned that JD Pantoja had tested positive for COVID-19 and, for the next gala they were out of the competition.

“They told both of us everything, we don’t choose the choreographies, the production chooses them, we don’t choose the rhythm we’re going to dance to, that obviously leaves a bit of margin to chance, You can have a good choreography or suffer, as we suffered all this week, where we finally had to put this choreography back together and we finished it yesterday at 4 in the afternoon, crazyDavid told us.

As we saw in this special show, three couples were competing to win $ 20,000. Adrián Di Monte and Sandra Itzel went directly for having been ‘The Golden Couple’ last weekThe same did not happen with ‘La Pareja de Plata’, who faced with this new situation, it is as if they had not won anything, and that also has them angry.

It seems a bit unfair to us that last week we were ‘Silver Couple’, and this week, due to the Covid we did not have any benefit. The ‘Golden Couple’ could go directly to compete for the 20 thousand dollars, and we who won the second place did not give us. Any, no prize for nothing, they gave us a stick nothing elseCarolina told us.

Carolina Laursen and David Chocarro
Carolina Laursen and David Chocarro. Photo: Telemundo / Juan Felipe Rangel

“For us it is very difficult to be in the contest because we have our daughters, we sleep little, and at the moment there is so much pressure with dancing and that it turns out well, and that we have to do better things, that we stop enjoying it, this week we fight“, Continued Laursen and Chocarro went even further.

“It was too intense… Let’s also agree that the Covid put its hand in, because until Wednesday we had two choreographies, thousands of hours of rehearsals… Already the level of physical fatigue for Thursday, Friday was very high, cramp, injured in the back“… Chocarro, precisely because of this choreography, injured his back and they even had to bring a doctor to rehearsals.

Almost at the end of the interview, the couple made a disturbing confession: “We begin to not enjoy it, and if one does not have a good time, it is useless… After so many years together, when something causes us to be short-circuited, we have to be very careful ”, concluded Carolina.

During the show, the couple let the jury know their anger after the return, something that especially surprised Adamari López and Cristián de la Fuente, but, telling them that he did it with respect, Chocarro invited them to watch the previous programs where he assures that they always criticize the first dance partner harshly.



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