David Chocarro angry with the Telemundo show that attacked his companions of ‘Así Se Baila’

David Chocarro angry with the Telemundo show that attacked his companions of ‘Así Se Baila’

David Chocarro.

Photo: David Chocarro / Courtesy

Very annoying and angry, David Chocarro reacts against Telemundo’s new show business, ‘El Colador’, which attacked his fellow members of ‘Así se Baila’ in a derogatory way and, according to the Argentine actor, even disrespecting them.

As we know, Chocarro is participating in the Telemundo dance reality show, along with his wife, the actress, Carolina Laursen. The actor is known for his human quality, always having a positive, pacifistic, affectionate and joking attitude, but also He has a great sense of justice and he made it clear last night when he lashed out at ‘El Colador’, but referring specifically to a less than chivalrous comment from Rodner Figueroto.

Why was Chocarro so upset?… Among various things, for the criticism they made to his partner of ‘Así Se Baila‘, Sandra Itzel, who danced a salsa with her partner and ex-husband, Adrián Di Monte.

“The charge was forced, it looked like a bag of sand,” Figueroa shot sitting on the set of ‘El Colador’ and commenting with his driving partner, Aylín Mujica.

Aylin Mujica and Rodner Figueroa are the presenters of 'El Colador'

Hearing that in ‘El Colador’ they criticize with such ease, I really can’t believe it, it seems disrespectful to me… We are putting a lot of desire on the track, as to that they come to discredit us in that way“Chocarro began saying from his Instastory on his Instagam account.

In case it was not clear what he was referring to, he continued saying the following:

“If there were doubts, I’m talking particularly about Adrián (De Monte) and Sandra (Itzel), they are my companions, and what I’m doing for them I would do for anyone. I do not like to be attacked when we are leaving the soul, we are rehearsing thousands of hours a day, We are giving them a lot of desire so that they come to criticize us like that freely … Do the test with me“, He finished.

East It would not have been the only problem that both Rodner and Aylín would have had, but especially him, in the three weeks that the show has been running. As far as we learned, Some of the famous participants of ‘Así Se Baila’ would have gone to present their complaint to the production of the program, and the executives for the contemptuous way with which it is directed.

One of them would have been Laura Flores, who would have been offended when they messed with her age, and with what it can or cannot do because it is limited, according to the criteria of Figueroa and Mujica, because it is ‘older’.

Let us remember that precisely a highly offensive and delicate comment to the, at the time, First Lady, Michelle Obama, who compared her to a character from ‘The Planet of the Apes’, cost her not only her job at Univision where he was immediately fired, rather it became a worldwide scandal that threatened to end his career. Several years later, and with a lot of silence in between, Telemundo decided to give him a new opportunity by hiring him for ‘Al Rojo Vivo’.

‘El Colador’ is a half-hour show created to comment on what happens at the ‘Así Se Baila’ gala, and other news of the moment. ANDIt is almost exactly the one that Univision has had for several years, ‘Sal y Pimienta’ and whose first presenter, coincidentally, was Rodner Figueroa with Lourdes Stephen. Today the male presenter is Jomari Goyso.



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