David Chocarro to the jury: “I don’t know if they were fair, I gave Elyfer and Polo the winner”

David Chocarro to the jury: “I don’t know if they were fair, I gave Elyfer and Polo the winner”

David Chocarro and Carolina Laursen in ‘Así Se Baila’.

Photo: Alex Tamargo / Telemundo / Telemundo

“I don’t know if they were fair, no, I gave Elyfer and Polo the winner”That’s how sincere David Chocarro was in an exclusive interview we did with him and Carolina Laursen, minutes after the jury composed of Adamari López, Mariana Seoane and Cristián de la Fuente, they were given as winners of the first duel of the second gala of ‘This is how you dance’.

La couple of Argentine actors feel guilty because, let’s remember that in the first gala, they were one of the two winning couples, and their prize consisted of choosing against whom they would duel. They went for Elyfer Torres and Polo Manárrez, because they felt that they had a similar level of dance.

We did well because we won our duel against Elyfer and Polo, on a dance level everything is fine, on an emotional level I feel terrible“Carolina began by telling us in an interview, to which David added himself saying that there was no better summary of his feelings than that.

Honestly the jury says because they have to say things, if they are going to get demanding with the technicalities of a professional dancer, I think they can spend 10 minutes giving us returns… But based on the training we have, and the effort that we are putting in on the track, I really believe that we did not lack anything, I think we gave everything, we emptied ourselves up there ”, added Chocarro.

Going specifically to what happened in their duel, and if Adamari López, Cristián de la Fuente and Mariana Seoane had been fair in choosing them as the winners, David surprised by saying the following:

I don’t know if they were fair or not, because I honestly considered Elyfer and Polo the winners, and I think I would have even felt better if it was our turn to dance the challenge afterwards… it would have been much calmer ”, he assured.

The truth is that beyond if judges were fair to consider that they danced better salsa, than their urban rivals, Elyfer and Polo were also saved, and although the challenge fell to them, Those who were sentenced were Gregorio and Luna Pernía, and Kimberly Jiménez and Yasmany Rodríguez.

Of the two couples, one must leave the reality show next Sunday at 8/7 PM Central.



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