David De Gea and Rebels Gaming position themselves in the world of eSports

Meanwhile, he lives one of his best moments under the United goal, in which for more than a decade he has suffered ups and downs, David De Gea off the pitch has launched a business project that suggests that his life and interests are far beyond the ball: Rebels Gaming.

This ‘eSports’ team is the new business venture of Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea, whose assets are estimated at 52 million euros.

“Rebels has to do with the feeling that he had within the world of soccer, of being someone who plays but who also likes other things, such as anime (Japanese animation), playing the drums, video games. He felt a slightly different profile within what was known, and that is why that name fit him at first, ”explains the marketing director of Rebels, Carles Mayans, to EFE.

The Madrid goalkeeper decided to create his own club after having “talked to several teams to collaborate” and discovering that his motivation was to create his own. Once that path was taken, the first decision was the name. They ruled out options such as DDG, Gea or Red Devils, until they found that link to the rebellion with which they presented themselves in December.

De Gea’s entry into the sector joins that of other footballers such as the Barcelona player Gerard Piqué (at the head of Koi, together with the popular presenter Ibai Llanos) or the Madrid player Carlos Henrique Casemiro (CASE Esports), something that for the Professional Video Game League (LVP), the main organizer of competitions in Spain, reveals that ‘eSports’ are expanding their audience.

Rebels competes in three video games: ‘League of Legends’, the shooting game with characters ‘Valorant’ -in whose competition in Spain he made his debut this week against other soccer clubs such as Koi or CASE-, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege another video game type ‘shooter’, which is precisely the one that De Gea himself practices the most in his free time.

“Rainbow Six is ​​David’s link to video games, because he spends many hours on it. Said by himself, he spends more hours on Rainbow Six than on football. Obviously for physical reasons he can’t play football for so many hours”, says Mayans.

Interestingly, among the games in which De Gea’s team competes, there is no football or sports simulator. “I imagine that when you spend the day playing football, watching football and studying football like he does, you come home and the last thing you want to see is another ball. But it is true that he attracts attention ”, concedes the marketing director of Rebels.

The player is “totally involved” in the day-to-day of his electronic squad, says Mayans, who assures that he was very attentive to all the details for its creation.from the colors -black, his favorite color, and red for Atlético and Manchester- to any other detail.

“We as people who know the sector give him our advice, but he is the one who makes the final decisions”, confirms the marketing director of De Gea’s ‘eSports’ project, who returns to Madrid eleven years later as a United idol and eSports entrepreneur.