David Ortiz was the guest of honor at the closing round of the Caribbean Series

Photo: ERIKA SANTELICES / AFP / Getty Images

The last game of the eliminatory round of the Caribbean Series was a complete show, not only because the Dominican Republic and Venezuela were measuring each other to a full house; but also present as a special guest was the recently immortalized Major League Baseball player, Dominican David Ortiz.

“El Big Papi”, true to his personality, addressed the fans to thank him for all the support they have given him throughout his career in the Majors. Also, after receiving a huge ovation from thousands of people, the Hall of Fame displayed a flag of his country, the Dominican Republic.

“I just came tonight to bless my country for supporting me, 20 years of career, always through thick and thin with me and today we are Cooperstown”were one of David Ortiz’s words to the public.

On the other hand, the Dominican made a call to his followers to attend on July 24 cooperstown, New York for what will be his exaltation ceremony to the Hall of Immortality of the Major Leagues; without forgetting that she promised to celebrate it in style and with a big party.

It must be remembered that Ortiz became the fourth Dominican to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, after Juan Marichal, Pedro Martínez and Vladimir Guerrero. In addition, this is the first celebration and the first reception received by the former star of the Boston Red Sox, after confirming his presence in cooperstown.

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