Dayanara Torres confessed crying to Giselle Blondet that she was ashamed of her father

Dayanara Torres.

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Dayanara Torres confessed crying to Giselle Blondet that she was ashamed of her father… After the season of the one she did with her daughter, the presenter of ‘La Mesa Caliente’, she opened a new space on Podcast, which she called: ‘What is not spoken’.

In this space, where Dayanara became a kind of godmother, being the first to tell what she had not spoken until now, Giselle promises not to judge, listen, accompany, serve as a bridge between the famous and his public in a joint healing.

This first episode, which came out today, Wednesday, September 7, Giselle takes Dayanara back to her childhood, a lack of everything except love.. The former Miss Universe revealed for the first time the harassment she experienced at her school for being considered “the ugly duckling” and “the poor one” among the rich.

“In 10th grade, I was early because we lived far away… I remember arriving at school and they looked at me and laughed… The day before they chased me, they saw where I lived, for them it was the joke of lifethey told the whole school, I never understood what the purpose was but they broke my heart a little“, Says in a part of the Podcast Dayanara between tears.

What was he referring to? A the humble way the family lived, he said that they were all in a very small wooden house, in the middle of the field, where they walked among the mud and the animals. that even the bathroom had no door, but a cloth that acted as if it were a. That the toilet required a bucket of water, to do the manual function of a button after relieving itself that didn’t exist.

Nevertheless, the little her father earned was invested in the education of his daughterstherefore, and there the contrast that marked Dayanara’s childhood, she went to a private school, so she felt happy and rich at home, and poor at school.

To that was added, he says, that she wore glasses, had curly hair and big teeth, so she was called from coconut eater, four eyes, to rabbit. All this marked his childhood, but without a doubt, one of the greatest pains is having felt something that he regrets today: ashamed of the man he most admired and admires in his life, his father.

“There are times when you feel a little different, I I could have told my dad to leave me on the corner, that I was walking, and now as an adult, seeing the sacrifice my dad made… The most difficult thing was that, that at home I felt rich and at school I felt poor”, she told Giselle with a lot of pain.

Yes, having felt ashamed that his companions saw in what vehicle he arrived, the humility of his father, among well-off children full of luxuries.

This new Giselle Blondet Podcast that premiered today promises a second part with Dayanara, before moving on to another guest… What will be discussed in this second part? Torres will speak, exclusively, everything about the love of his life: his divorce, the depression he faced, his fears, and something he experienced when he least imagined it.



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