Deadline to apply to NYC charter schools is April 1

Ember Charter Schools students outperform state and city averages in language arts and mathematics and English.

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The deadline to apply for a seat at one of the 271 charter schools in New York City, for the school year 2022-2023, ends: In general, the Term expires on April 1.

Each of these schools, which are almost always located in neighborhoods of the Big Apple, where families with economic difficulties reside, give priority to applicants who live in the locality where they are physically located and to his brothers.

Last February, the open days and virtual visits began to inform in detail what do they offer and what are their educational offersat a time when many families are turning their eyes to these schools, which in the last year increased by one 16% admission to students who do not have English as their first languageaccording to statistics from the NYC Charter School Center.

However, it must be clarified that each autonomous school has different characteristics, and some in particular, give priority in their admission schemes. to students who have English as the main language.

In the school communities of the Big Apple there is still much confusion around who applies to secure enrollment in some of these preschool, primary and secondary schools: It is false that these are unattainable private centers that only accept “genius” students. Nor is it true that they are school environments that do not accept special children.

More minority students

Usually, one in 4 black students in all five boroughs he now attends a charter school, including 2 in 5 black students in grades K-1.

Everything indicates that as enrollment in regular New York City public schools decreased during the last school year 2021-2022, autonomous schools have registered growth. Records confirm, for example, a considerable increase in enrolling English learners.

These campuses have a specific number of seats available for each grade level. If there are more applications than spaces availablethey will hold a random public lottery.

Once a student is chosen through this process, it cannot be rejected for any reason.

They are accessible centers

According to the detailed description by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, These public and autonomous education centers are financed by state income taxes and donations. While “normal” public schools are funded by the federal government.

In addition, they maintain an independent operation from traditional school districts, “being free to design lessons that meet the needs of each student.

These centers precisely because of their autonomous character, tend to have longer school days and years than traditional public schools. And specialized school programs whose goal is to guarantee the admission of their students to universities.

“Because charter schools overwhelmingly serve low-income families, they were created precisely because the system has historically not served all children well. So, we make sure that students perform well and prepare for college or a career”said James Merriman, director of the NYC Charter Schools Center.

Based on the balance shared by Merriman, despite the limit on the creation of charter schools in New York City and the difficult circumstances of the last two years of the pandemic, these autonomous education models continued to grow by 9%.

How is the admission?

  • If the number of applicants for a charter school exceeds the number of seats available, charter schools are legally obliged to carry out a lottery to fill them.
  • All the students who submitted an application will automatically be entered into the admissions lottery.
  • Charter school lotteries generally They take place in April and May.
  • Applicants whose names do not appear in the lottery are placed on a waiting list and may be contacted as seats become available.
  • Charter schools are required to offer a lottery preference to siblings of students enrolled and students residing in the local Community School District (CSD).

How to apply?

  • Use the Common Charter School Application online to apply to multiple schools at once. Visit
  • Visit the charter school website of your interest that generally has very precise information to submit your request online.
  • pass by school to pick up an application or call the school and ask the staff to mail you an application.
  • A system that grows:

    • 10,000 students more entered the charter school system in the last two school years according to the NYC Charter School Center.
    • 138,000 students are currently studying in these schools.
    • 9% increased enrollment of students from Hispanic families5% Afro-Americans and 16% Asians, the latter being the ethnic group with the highest percentage of admissions to autonomous schools.
    • 14% of all students in NYC public school districts are located in these schools.
    • 5 new charter schools opened in NYC in the 2021-2022 school year: 1 in Queens, 2 in Manhattan, 1 in the Bronx, and one on Staten Island.