Death of her mother shocks Andrea Legarreta just after their 57th wedding anniversary

Andrea Legarreta shares news of her mother's death on Instagram, reflecting on cherished memories and her impactful Mother's Day tribute.

On what began as a joyful Sunday for Andrea Legarreta, host of the television program Hoy, the day took a sorrowful detour. The morning started with Legarreta congratulating her parents on their 57th wedding anniversary, only for her later to announce the heartbreaking news of her mother’s death. The beloved woman, whom Legarreta affectionately referred to as “Chabelita,” passed away under undisclosed circumstances.

Legarreta announced the sad news via Instagram, sharing a heartfelt message about her mother’s passing. Photo: IG @andrealegarreta. The host did not provide additional details regarding the cause or circumstances of her mother’s death. As of the time of this article’s writing, neither Legarreta nor any member of her family has shared further information about the unexpected loss of Mrs. Isabel Legarreta nor about any potential ceremonies or tributes planned in her honor.

Andrea Legarreta announced the death of her mother through Instagram. Photo: IG @andrealegarreta
Andrea Legarreta announced the death of her mother through Instagram. Photo: IG @andrealegarreta

How did Andrea Legarreta celebrate her mom on Mother’s Day?

In her social media post, Legarreta expressed her profound sadness at this time of loss. However, she also conveyed gratitude for having had the best mother, frequently dedicating beautiful words to her “Chabelita” whenever possible. This was especially evident during her heartfelt tribute to her mother on Mother’s Day, celebrated on May 10th.

How did Legarreta commemorate her mother on Mother’s Day? Just days prior to the holiday, which is observed every May 10th in Mexico, the hosts of Hoy took part in an activity led by Dr. César Lozano. This exercise involved each presenter sharing a few words dedicated to their mothers, depicted in photographs.

During this emotional segment, each host spoke about their mother’s virtues and expressed their gratitude for everything their mothers had done for them. They also conveyed to their mothers, through their words and emotions, just how much they were loved and missed.

When it was Legarreta’s turn to speak, she asked for the floor. Beaming with pride and a wide smile, she tenderly stroked the photograph of her and her mother together. While referring to her mother as “my Chabelita,” she fought back tears as she thanked her mother for all the love and support she had given her throughout the years.

“My Chabelita, this is my Chabelita, look at her beautiful eyes,” Legarreta began. “She was always a girl who helped her family since she was a little girl…she was an exceptional daughter and then all that love she also gave to us, an exceptional mother. I miss her, I miss you sometimes, I need to see you more, I miss your smell, I miss the shine in your eyes…..I have always thought that I would have liked to be my mom’s mom, I would have liked to give her everything she lacked as a little girl because she had her shortcomings, she had a hard time, but she was always a warrior, always getting up, thank you for being my warrior Chabelita and thank you for your calls every day, I love you infinitely, I am very lucky to have you as my mom, thank you,” shared a tearful Legarreta.

Her emotional tribute can be viewed starting at minute 7:29 in the video linked here: