Deaths increase to 24 due to confrontation in Colombia between the FARC and the ELN

Authorities in Colombia released the new balance of killed by clashes between armed members of the National Liberation Army (ELN) and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) with a balance of 24 deceased.

Violent disputes between these dissidents occurred in three municipalities of the Arauca department, which borders Venezuela. The municipalities are Tame, Fortul, Saravena and Arauquita and they took place this weekend.

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Tame’s officer, Juan Carlos Villate, said that as of yesterday 17 people were known to have died at five in the afternoon, but the report of deceased people continued to grow as the night progressed until reaching 24.

The official said in an interview for local radio that the clashes occurred the first two days of the year and it is presumed that they could be so violent that They would even reach the 50 deceased this Monday.

Among the dead are middle commanders of the FARC dissidents, others from the ELN and “sympathizers, militiamen or the civilian population who have been accused of being a militant or political leader of an organization that were declared a military objective,” Villate explained.

The clashes occurred between the tenth fraction of the FARC and the ELN who have openly declared war. According to the official version of events, an ELN operation carried out in populated centers held people and some were murdered and the bodies appeared little by little.

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