Debanhi Escobar case: the belongings found in the cistern where the body of the young Mexican was

Outrage in Mexico over the death of Debanhi Escobar.


New information keeps coming outre the case of Debanhi Escobar, whose body was found a week ago in a cistern located outside a motel in Nuevo León, Mexico.

Recently, the Attorney General of Nuevo León announced that the 18-year-old girl died after having alive one of the three cisterns of the Nueva Castilla motelindicating that even Debanhi may have stood up after falling into the well containing water.

However, this statement is not very consistent with the results of the autopsy and necropsy performed on the body, which They determined that Debanhi died from a strong and forceful blow to the head.

Likewise, the authorities disclosed some of the young woman’s belongings that they found in the place where the body was also found:

In tank 1 where the body was found, there were:

-A black and white tennis shoe with the legend Converse in size 5.5, corresponding to the right foot and dirty in appearance.

-An fragment of tissue with cadaveric fauna.

-A black and white tennis shoe with the legend Converse in size 5.5, corresponding to the left foot and dirty in appearance.

In the tunnel that connects both cisterns, which has a height of 2.13 meters and measures 20 centimeters wide and 23 centimeters long, they found:

A lady’s bag in black, with a red plastic container with the legend AT. PLAY

-A dirty-looking white bra.

-Two pieces of dirty-looking beige cloth.

-A dirty-looking black and white face mask.

The cisterns belong to the Nueva Castilla motel (Photo: REUTERS/Daniel Becerril)

In tank 2 they found:

-A lighter in white with yellow and orange.

-A metal ring with three metal keys and two keychains.

-A cell phone with a damaged-looking black protector.

-A litmus-coloured coin purse with the legend STAY GRATEFUL.

-A plastic container with the legend Purell.

The prosecutor specializing in femicides in Nuevo León, Griselda Núñez Espinoza, affirmed that, shortly after the FGE protected the recordings showing Debanhi entering the Nueva Castilla motel, It has not been possible to find any video that explains why it fell into the cistern.

The SSP reclassified her case as femicide (Photo: REUTERS/Daniel Becerril)

While the deputy prosecutor of the Public Ministry of Nuevo León, Luis Enrique Orozco, indicated that The Prosecutor’s Office will follow all possible lines of investigationso he did not rule out the other possible scenario in which Debanhi is believed to have arrived at the cistern lifeless.

Debanhi Escobar disappeared in the early hours of April 9 and her body was found inside a cistern in a motel on the Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo highway on the night of Thursday 21, under strange circumstances.

Sometime, Mario Escobar, father of Debanhi, has said that he believes that his daughter’s body would have been “sown” (placed) by the Nuevo León prosecutor’s officesince the site where it was located was previously and rejected the version that the young woman could accidentally fall into the cistern.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) confirmed that Debanhi’s case has been reclassified as femicide.

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