Debanhi Escobar: New videos show the young woman entering the motel alone and walking near the cistern, according to the Prosecutor’s Office

New videos show the route that Debanhi Escobar could have taken.


The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Nuevo León, in the north of Mexico, has in its possession the videos from the security cameras of the “Nueva Castilla” motel, where the body of the young Debanhi Escobar was found.

These videos, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, show the route that Debanhi could have taken through the area of ​​the cistern, where she was found dead.

When the Prosecutor’s Office of the northern state began the investigation, the motel workers assured that there were no videos of that day, however, the agents discovered that there is film material that could give new clues as to what happened with Escobar.

The new videos about Debanhi’s death

Until now, it is known that Debanhi boarded a taxi that took her to the Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo highway where the young woman got off, because, according to her father Mario Escobar, she was the victim of harassment and touching by the driver of the vehicle.

The Prosecutor’s Office has a video that shows that the young woman did pass in front of the Alcosa company, which means that she agrees with the version that she was in the taxi, in the direction of the Nueva Castilla Motel.

Now, the new videos of the motel show, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, the moment in which Debanhi walks alone to the motel, leaning on the walls of the companies that are on the side of the place.

“Apparently it was dark and she was using the fences to guide herself, she continues until she runs into the fence of the Nueva Castilla motel and eventually reaches, touching the fence, to the edge of the restaurant of the same motel,” said Luis Enrique Orozco, Vice Prosecutor of the Ministry Public.

“Debanhi follows the circular shape of the restaurant fence and enters the pool area and reaches one of the corners where he finds that it is closed. He follows the fence inside and advances to the cistern area,” he added.

The video will be released by the Prosecutor’s Office and would show that Debanhi entered alone and walked alone in the pool area and went to the cistern area, alone. There it is presumed that she could have fallen, which would reinforce the initial theory about a supposed accident.

However, this would have to be confirmed by analyzing the videos and trying to understand why Debanhi would have decided to enter the motel.

Debanhi’s body was found inside the cistern and blood stains were found on the cement mound in one corner.

Local media reported that Debanhi did not have water in his lungs so he did not drown, so a blunt blow was the cause of his death, either when he fell or was hit by someone previously.

The videos must show if Debanhi was really alone at all times or if she had contact with someone, who would have assaulted her.

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