Debanhi Escobar: “The body was planted, not an accident,” says his father

Outrage in Mexico over the death of Debanhi Escobar.


The family of Debanhi Escobar, the young woman who was found dead in the abandoned cistern in a motel in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo León, does not believe in the version of the Prosecutor’s Officewhich indicates that the young woman lost her life after a possible accident walking alone through the place.

Mario Escobar, Debanhi’s father, told the local media Info7 that “he does not conceive the idea that after falling from a height of 4 and a half meters (14.7 feet) in the cistern, his daughter only had a bruise on her head.”

Due to the doubts and the confrontation with the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office, Mr. Escobar requested the services of a private expert to perform another autopsyin order to determine responsibilities and try to find someone “responsible” for the death of his daughter.

“They tell me that he died of a contusion, of a bruise on the head, not only am I going to hit my head, I break my bones, as if to give me the version right now that from 4 meters and a half I just hit myself on the head,” Mario Escobar assured the media.

In addition, Escobar assured that despite the fact that Debanhi’s body allegedly spent 15 days in the water inside the cistern, the skin did not look wrinkledbut if in a state of decomposition.

ANDDebanhi’s father also did not rule out that his daughter was a victim of sexual abusealthough this is not indicated in the Prosecutor’s file, but he said that “it will be the expert he hired who will give him the results”.

The results obtained by the private expert he hired will be compared with those of the Prosecutor’s Office to determine responsibilities: “If there is someone responsible who pays, let him stop where he stops and let whoever falls fall,” said Mr. Escobar.

New videos from the Prosecutor’s Office: it could have been an accident

Mario Escobar flatly denied the version of the Prosecutor’s Office indicating that his daughter accidentally fell into the abandoned cistern at the Nueva Castilla motel, after she disclosed that she has new videos showing Debanhi entering the place alone and walking near where she was found lifeless, also alone.

“In the images it is shown that she enters her five senses, a person in bad shape was not seen, she did not zigzag, she could not have fallen there.

My hypothesis is that I am not an expert, I became an expert here with my daughter, they dumped her, she was alive for several days, they couldn’t get her out of there.

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