Debanhi Escobar: They delete posts from their Instagram account

They deleted posts from Debanhi Escobar’s Instagram account.


Since his unfortunate disappearance, the Instagram account of Debanhi Escobarthe 18-year-old girl who was found dead in a cistern, began to be followed by thousands of people hoping that the woman’s family would give news of her whereabouts.

Unfortunately, Debanhi’s body was found inside said cistern located in the Nueva Castilla motelin the municipality of Escobedo, in Nuevo León, Mexico, on April 21.

A message of thanks was posted on Debanhi’s Instagram account for all the people who collaborated in the search for the young woman, a notice issued by her father, Mario, from the account of his deceased daughter.

Also, this weekend a video was published, in that same account, with which Debanhi Escobar’s family confirmed that they did not believe in the versions of the Prosecutor’s Office, in which, they say, she fell alone into the cistern when she was walking alone.

They delete posts from Debanhi's Instagram account
Post deleted from Debanhi Escobar’s account.

They delete posts from Debanhi’s account on Instagram

Today, all those posts from Debanhi’s Instagram account, now managed by the Escobar family, were deleted, as well as the calls for marches and the search files.

Until a few hours ago, you could see the photograph taken by the driver of a rental vehicle before her disappearance, along with publications prior to the disappearance of the young woman.

However, now you can only see a photograph of the young woman from 49 weeks ago:

At first, it was learned that the Instagram account was managed by a cousin of Debanhi Escobar, but currently it is Debanhi’s father, Mario, who is responsible for making or probably deleting posts.

So far, some stories that were published during the days of searching for Debanhi remain visible.

Some users of that social network consider that the family probably seeks to keep Debanhi’s good memories alive, so they would have eliminated everything mentioned above, although the relatives have not commented on it, users consider that

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