Debanhi Escobar’s father calls the Nuevo León prosecutor’s office corrupt after leaking a second autopsy that reveals that his daughter was raped and murdered

Mario Escobar, the father of Debanhi Escobar, raped and murdered in Nuevo León, Mexico, after leaving a party, thundered against those who from the prosecutor’s office of that state they leaked the results of the second autopsy to the corpse of his daughter to the newspaper El País and to the driver Azucena Uresti of the Milenio group.

“The newspaper El País and the host Azucena Uresti have just leaked information of the autopsy that we independently as a family request, which is fine, let me tell you…”, the father begins in a video message.

The Mexican indicated that a WhatsApp message from Uresti confirms that the documents were leaked to the media by the Attorney General of the State of Nuevo León.

“But, I make myself known with the leaks that are made by the driver Azucena Uresti, a respectable driver, with an incredible media outlet. But she has confirmed it to me and has made me aware of the leaks from the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office, and she asked me to give her my daughter’s autopsy. As you know, for 15 days I have been taking very drastic care of that necropsy so that it would not be leaked, but a few moments ago, this host, Azucena Uresti, sent me this information,” Escobar declared.

The father shows by camera an alleged screenshot of an erroneous communication that the journalist sent him via WhatsApp in which he addresses state prosecutors, who supposedly do not respond to his requests for information despite the fact that he is on their side.

“Minutes later he realized it, and he deleted it. And he starts sending me other conversations that have nothing to do with it, ”the father continued.

Escobar again attacked the Prosecutor’s Office and the deficiencies in the investigation into the death of his daughter.

“I want to make it known that it is a huge shame. I feel very offended. I, with all due care and respect for the process of my daughter Debanhi Susana, who confirms and continues to confirm that she was killed. Which confirms to me that the Attorney General of the State of Nuevo León is involved in this, ”explained the parent.

In the man’s opinion, the entity again mocked his confidence.

“Right now this second autopsy that I entrusted to them for their study has been leaked by the Nuevo León prosecutor’s office,” he said.

About Uresti, he questioned his professionalism.

“She is a communicator – Azucena Uresti – on a primetime newscast, who has been characterized as a good host, but we already realized that she is not. That company has that information for a reason, ”she considered.

“I don’t know how much they pay, I don’t know how much they charge them, I don’t know what the Prosecutor’s Office is doing that I trusted, trusted, that they would do things well. They were afraid, and I tell them, the Nuevo León prosecutor’s office, that’s why they don’t believe them, because they are corrupt,” he added.

Escobar anticipated that would meet this Friday with the president to discuss the latest controversy surrounding her daughter’s femicide.

“The word corruption, and I demand from President Manuel López Obrador, that tomorrow I am going to go see him and greet him, I demand that this word be handled here in Nuevo León, corruption. No one believed in that word. But this is corruption, at all levels”, insisted the complainant.

For his part, Uresti defended himself through a tweet this morning from his account.

“I just saw the message from Mario, father of Debanhi. In this regard, I only point out that our coverage has been truthful, critical of the authority and attached to the facts and they can review it. Mario, you know. I will continue to work under this commitment always, ”said the journalist.

The first autopsy performed on the 18-year-oldwhose remains were found in the cistern of the Nueva Castilla Motel, revealed that he died of a deep blow to the skull.

“The scientific tests carried out allow us to determine that the body found is the Debanhi Susana, being cause of death a deep contusion to the skull. We offer our condolences to their families and loved ones,” prosecutor Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero initially said in a public video.

“Because of the place and what we found, the girl fell still alive. Where she was found, she was alive and there was still an opportunity to react, ”said Eduardo Villagómez, coordinator of the Forensic Medicine service of said office, on her behalf.

The family, dissatisfied with the results of that first autopsy, ordered an independent one.

However, Escobar had kept the information to himself pending the authorization of his team of lawyers and the Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the father, he had to wait for the comparison work to be finished before he could reveal the results.

The new findings reaffirm the blunt blow.

However, the analysis reveals that it was not accidental.

The new report reveals that law student suffered several head injuries. “Of external origin to the body and because they are intense, repeated (on several occasions) and with different angles of impact, it follows that they were caused by another person and that it is a homicidal violent death”, indicates the document.

The second necropsy also confirmed Debanhi’s parents’ suspicions that she was raped, detail that does not mention the first forensic results.

“The body shows traces of a vaginal, violent and recent sexual relationship,” indicates the report to which the aforementioned media had access. “This is deduced from having found violaceous ecchymoses and bruises” in the outer area of ​​the genitals.

Debanhi disappeared on April 9 after leaving alone a party she had attended with two friends.

The girls called a taxi driver they knew to pick them up; but, in the end, Debanhi got into the vehicle alone in the middle of an argument with the other two. In the middle of the journey, the young woman asked the driver to let her get off. The man agreed to her request and left her on the side of a section of the highway from Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey, known as the “highway of death.”

According to the man’s version, Debanhi was not in his five senses apparently due to excessive alcohol consumption. The girl’s father alleges the driver groped her. This information has not been confirmed by the Prosecutor’s Office.