Debanhi Susana Escobar was sexually assaulted and beaten in various areas of her body before she died in Nuevo León, Mexico

Citizens joined this Friday in a demonstration to demand justice after the femicide of Debanhi Escobar in Nuevo León, Mexico.

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The federal commissioner of the International Commission on Human Rights, Omar Tamez, reported that Debanhi Susana Escobar Bazaldúa, the Mexican found dead in a cistern near a hotel in Nuevo León, she was sexually abused.

Blows were detected in other parts of the bodyit will be determined with the second expert opinion, if there is sexual abuse, it is something delicate, ”said Tamez quoted by local media this Saturday.

Before the research inconsistencies about the death of the 18-year-old girl, the commissioner informed that a second expert opinion to confirm sexual assault.

In addition to the head, the victim’s body had bruises in other areas.

“Other types of blows were detected, to the head… in other parts of the body,” he revealed.

The girl’s family went to the International Human Rights Commission, since they do not trust the work of the Attorney General of the State of Nuevo León.

“The authorities shelve it,” the commissioner alleged when approached by the press.

Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero, state prosecutor, reported yesterday that the victim died as a result of a deep skull contusion.

Escobar Bazaldúa’s body was found Thursday night in a disused cistern in an area near the Nueva Castilla Motel, in the municipality of Escobedo.

Prior to his disappearance on April 9, the young woman was at a party with two friends in a fifth. But the companions left the place and left Escobar Bazaldúa alone. It was then that the young woman sought transportation. From that moment, she was not heard from again until her remains were recovered.

Mario Escobar, father of the Mexican, questioned whether the body of his daughter had not been “sown” by the Nuevo León prosecutor’s office, since the site where it was located had been inspected on four previous occasions.

The father also rejected the version of that the young woman may have accidentally fallen into the cistern or jumped intentionally.

Tamez also rejected the information that Escobar Bazaldúa could have jumped from the fence that divides the motel to access the area of ​​the cistern.

“It is said that the girl jumped a fence, that a study has already been done by the authorities… it is impossible to jump that fence,” he said.

Gaps in the investigation complicate the clarification of the case

Several gaps in the investigation complicate the clarification of the case. One of these is the fact that the girl never arrived at her house in the taxi she initially got into. It is also unclear why the driver left her alone on a highway at 4:25 a.m.

The family alleges that the taxi driver groped her, and that is why the young woman got out of the vehicle. It was at that moment that the subject took the photo that has gone viral and in which the girl appears alone on the side of the road.

Precisely, this Saturday, the young woman’s family is supposed to bury her body in the municipality of Galeana.

Escobar Bazaldúa was veiled last night at the Capillas del Carmen located on Constitución Avenue.

Relatives also indicated that would not oppose the exhumation of the body if necessary to advance the investigation.

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