Defense of woman who decapitated a man in the middle of a sadomasochistic sex session in Wisconsin seeks to be declared incompetent to stand trial

Taylor Denise Schabusiness recounted how she dismembered the body of a 25-year-old man in the middle of a wild sex session.

Photo: Wisconsin Police/Courtesy

The parties in the case against Taylor Schabusiness, accused of killing and beheading her sexual partner in the middle of a drug trip in Wisconsin, are waiting for the results of a second psychiatric evaluation to determine if the defendant is fit to stand trial.

Shabusiness, 24 years old, He faces charges of first degree intentional homicide.sexual abuse in the third degree and mutilation of a corpse, for the events reported on February 22.

The victim, Shad Thyrion, also 24, was picked up at his home in Green Bay by the alleged attacker the night before.

Thyrion, Schabusiness and her “roommate” went to an apartment on Eastman Avenue to take drugs, where they smoked marijuana. Schabusiness and Thyrion also smoked methamphetamine. The other girl left the apartment, and Schabusiness and Thyrion injected themselves with trazodone, an antidepressant.

At one point, the pair returned to the apartment where Thyrion lived with his mother and headed to the basement. Over there, the man took out two metal chains. Both allegedly used these items for sadomasochistic sexual acts. It was with one of the chains that the woman hanged him. The defendant did not stop until the victim began coughing up blood, her face turned purple, and she stopped breathing.

According to the criminal complaint in the case, the defendant, who faces life in prison if convicted in a trial, would have played with the lifeless body of the victim for about three hours after strangling him.

Next, Schabusiness used kitchen knives to decapitate and dismember Thyrion.
Initially, Schabusiness’s alleged intention was to take the remains with her, but she was idle and left them at the scene.

Some of the victim’s body parts were found in a truck and others in the basement inside plastic bags, a cardboard box, a plastic container and a plastic storage container.

The defense’s request for a second psychiatric evaluation seeks to determine whether the defendant has the mental capacity to understand court proceedings and collaborate with her attorneys.

According to local media reports this week, at an upcoming hearing on May 19, two doctors will have to testify about the results of the study, and Judge Thomas Walsh will make a final decision.

The first analysis showed that the accused is competent to face the legal process.

But, under the law, the defense can request a second opinion, which is what Schabusiness’s lawyers have done.

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