Delta Air Lines paid $10,000 to passengers on an overbooked flight

The cancellation of flights puts airlines and passengers in an increasingly complicated situation, and in this context, Fortune announced that passengers on a Delta flight that was going from Michigan to Minnesota, assure that the airline offered them $10,000 cash to give up their seats on an overbooked flight.

Jason Aten, a technology columnist at Inc. magazine, commented that he was on the flight, and that a flight attendant said through the intercom that she was looking for eight volunteers to give up their seats because the flight had been overbooked, so the airline was offering $10,000 cash to each passenger who gave up their seat.

“If you have Apple Pay, you’ll even have the money right now,” promised the flight attendant.according to Aten.

Todd McCrumb, another passenger who was on the flight confirmed through Twitter the veracity of Aten’s experience: “It is a true story. I was on that flight!… Unfortunately, my wife has some health problems and cannot travel alone.”

McCrumb told Fortune that the crew had made previous offers starting at $5,000 while people waited at the gate. Seeing no takers, Delta increased the offer to $7,500 and hit $10,000 when most passengers were on board.

Some passengers were seduced by the offer and took the money immediately, although it took a second announcement of the $10,000 and 20 minutes of waiting for Delta to resolve the issue of overcrowding and the flight took off.

Aten commented that the offer was tempting and that if the group of 8 people he was with had accepted, they would have made $80,000 dollars in a very simple way.

“The reason we didn’t launch was because they initially didn’t say how many volunteers they needed. If we had known it was eight, we would have gotten off. By the time that became clear, four or five people had already left,” the columnist commented.

Fortune reached out to Delta for comment, but a spokesperson for the airline would neither confirm nor deny whether the flight offered passengers $10,000.

“The ability to provide compensation empowers our employees to take care of our customers and get our plane out on time”, commented the spokesman.

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