Demi Moore shines again with this black mini bikini on the beach

Demi Moore is one of the most beautiful actresses in all of Hollywood, and despite her age, she boasts an excellent figure and a marked abdomen, which shows that growing old is not in her dictionary.

This is verified by the actress’s photographs on her social media. Although it is not the first bikini she boasts of, the one on this occasion was just as impressive as the others.

It was a black, basic, elegant, and very sexy mini bikini. The top is in the shape of a triangle, and the bottom is tied at the hips. She also wore her long black hair with black sunglasses.

Demi Moore models in a black mini bikini.

Demi Moore reveals the diet with which she maintains her figure

The actress Demi Moore revealed what the secret of her incredible figure is. It is an incredible diet that is based on the consumption of food without cooking. In other words, 75% choose foods that do not require cooking on the fire, such as fruits and vegetables that can be eaten raw.

The portal Healthy food revealed that she combines citrus fruits with wholemeal bread at breakfast. For lunch, she opts for salads and, finally, for dinner, some vegetable cream. Also, between meals, always consume a portion of nuts.

Although he also does not deny that he reinforces his diet with complete exercise routines to mark and tone his body. The results can also be seen in the clip where the actress is in the sea with her puppy.

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How many children did Demi Moore have with Bruce Willis?

Daughters of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.

The famous actress Demi Moore retains an excellent figure at 60 years old, as demonstrated in a photo session and after having three daughters with the actor Bruce Willis while they were married. They are Rumer, Scour LaRue, and Tallulah Belle.