Demi Rose shows off her cleavage wearing a black bodysuit full of straps

The journey of Demi Rose Los Angeles has been so fruitful that he preferred to leave the exclusive resorts and stay in a house; From there he posed for some photographs that he published on his account Instagram, in which she looks spectacular with jeans adorned with crosses and a low-cut black bodysuit full of straps that accentuated her curves to the maximum.

The beauty influencer British has been in the United States for several weeks now, as she is working on promotional items for the clothing brand Pretty little thing; In another image that Demi published, she appears resting on the floor, wearing a tiny swimsuit from that firm.

Demi Rose has been seen both on the streets of Los Angeles and on the beaches, and one of its posts from Instagram The most successful recently was the one in which she appears modeling a swimsuit with cutouts in the front, while strolling along the ocean in Laguna Beach. Those images have so far obtained more than 650,000 likes.

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