Democrats admit that Biden’s social plan will be less than $ 3.5 trillion

Democrats admit that Biden’s social plan will be less than $ 3.5 trillion

Pelosi indicated in an interview that the cost of the social spending plan “seems obvious.”

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WASHINGTON – Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy pelosi, recognized this Sunday “That seems obvious” that the social spending plan promoted by President Joe Biden will be less than the $ 3.5 billions of dollars originally proposed.

In this sense, Pelosi expressed herself in an interview on the ABC television network when asked about the doubts raised before the voluminous legislative package within the Democratic caucus itself and that progressives want to approve before the end of the month.

The Democratic leader noted “That seems obvious” That will be less than the $ 3.5 trillion proposed by President Biden, in order to have the backing of the moderate wing of the party.

However, he indicated that “Even those who want a lower figure support the vision” of the agent.

The ambitious social spending plan, designed to be disbursed over a decade, seeks to expand the health coverage, fight against poverty, implement measures against the climate crisis, guarantee public education for children under five years of age and invest in public housing, among other initiatives.

To finance it, Democrats have proposed a tax hike on the wealthiest and big business, to collect $ 2.9 trillion over 10 years.

Pelosi assured that, despite some voices in the more moderate wing of the party who consider the package excessive and oppose some of the abrupt tax increases, the plan will finally be approved and qualified the legislation as “Transformative”.

“We will get the necessary numbers” for the plan to go ahead, said the speaker of the House of Representatives. The proposal is expected to go to a vote this week.

Afterwards, Democratic leaders will have to negotiate with the more moderate members of their party, such as senators. Joe manchin West Virginia and Kyrsten sinema of Arizona, to reach a final agreement.

To address this issue, Biden invited Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Shumer to the White House this week; and subsequently met with members of the moderate faction, including Manchin and Sinema.

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