Demon Slayer reveals secrets of Solar Breath in season 2

The anime demon slayer just released the pivotal episode of season 2 that takes us out of the Mugen Train bow and it starts us at arc Entertainment District. The new episode sees Tanjiro carry out the last rites of Kyojuro rengoku to his family, and in doing so, he unexpectedly stumbles upon even more clues about the ultimate breathing technique.

The more we learn about the technique of Solar BreathingThe clearer it becomes that this fighting style is deeply tied to Tanjiro’s own story, and could be the key to defeating the evil demon lord Muzan!

Warning! The following in AmericanPost.News will talk about major spoilers. We recommend you catch up on the Demon Slayer anime (first 34 episodes) on Crunchyroll and then continue reading the article.

What happened in Demon Slayer Episode 34?

Photo: Ufotable / Kyojuro Rengoku Kimetsu no Yaiba talks about Solar Breathing

Tanjiro meets Rengoku’s little brother Senjuro and his abusive and alcoholic father. Shinjuro Rengoku. When Shinjuro (a former Hashira) sees Tanjiro, he looks at the unique set of earrings that Tanjiro is wearing, stating that he knows they are a symbol of the Sun Breath wearer.

We then see a fight between Shinjuro and Tanjiro that ends in the former screaming that he knows Tanjiro is making fun of him and Rengoku’s memory. Since the Hashira of the Flame It was not powerful enough to survive a higher ranked demon and the Sun Breath user would naturally look down on the lower powered one.

Shinjuro’s drunken rage actually reveals a lot about this mysterious power of solar breath. It turns out that Solar Breath is the original breathing technique and more powerful than demon hunters developed.

The rest of the breathing techniques (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Sound, Thunder, Fog, etc.) are simply offshoots developed by those unable to master the true power of solar breathing.

Kimetsu no Yaiba talks about Solar Breathing

This is a key revelation, as Tanjiro’s family history and his father’s mysterious “Hinokami Kagura” dance are once again called. Could the key to supreme power have been in Tanjiro’s hands (literally) the entire time?

This episode of the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime also shows a darker twist in the history of the Sun Breathers. A very brief flashback image during Shinjuro’s spiel shows the image of a mysterious character from behind, who is presumably a former Solar Breathing master in the Demon Hunter Corps.

However, when Tanjiro and Senjuro later return and attempt to research Shinjuro’s book on the history of demon hunters, they make a surprising discovery: the pages on Solar Breath have been ripped out of the book.

Why Sun Breathing has been so quiet within the Demon Slayer ranks, and what it means about Tanjiro’s own family history, are two big questions that have been seeded into Demon Slayer all along, but are now at the forefront. Do you have theories? What is the Breath of the Sun technique?

What breaths can Tanjiro use?

Tanjiro kamado proved to be able to use 2 breathing styles: Water Breathing and Solar Breathing. However, Tanjiro commented still not being able to master the original breathing in episode 34 of the anime. Previously, we reported what happened to Akaza after the Demon Slayer arc Mugen Train.

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