Denisse Franco responds to criticism related to the death of her brother

Recently Denise Franco reported that his brother Christopher, only 23 years old, died because of a cumbersome accident automobile, the former beauty queen accompanied her news with images with dedications for him.

What caused that the users will begin to indicate in a negative way the actions of the model it was that it didn’t take long for her to return to her workout routines at the gym and her conventional posts like her new manicure.

Frank He made a dynamic of questions on the instagram platform, everything was going smoothly until they began to negatively question the attitude he had taken after the recent loss of his brother.

Denisse took advantage of her dynamic to respond to criticism

The model took advantage of her dynamics to respond to criticism The singer also shared her accident on social networks

She responded on her instagram profile that each person mourns differently and added that the people who criticize her They don’t know her, nor do they know how bad she’s been after her brother’s departure.

As a final part of her message, she commented that despite giving her best to cope with the situation in her own way

“There are people who believe they have the right to judge”

Guaynaa also shared his accident on social networks

The singer also shared his accident on social networks

In AmericanPost.News we inform you that the singer Guaynaa He made it known to his fans that he suffered a car accident, which caused him to be in the hospital for a couple of hours, on his public networks along with an emotional message that he was recovering and accompanied by his girlfriend Lele Pons.

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