Denver gunman fired multiple shots at police, after she begged him to put down his gun, during a murder spree that left 5 dead

An officer was shot moments later when the suspect allegedly tried to flee.

Photo: JASON CONNOLLY / AFP / Getty Images

A Lone shooter shot a police officer multiple times, after she begged him to put down the gunwitnesses claimed.

A series of shootings affected Denver and Lakewood, Colorado Monday, leaving at least five dead and three wounded.

The gunman fatally killed two women and a man in two separate shootings before trading shots with police, according to the Denver Post.

He shot another in Lakewood, before allegedly shooting an employee inside the Hyatt House hotel.

An officer was shot moments later when the suspect allegedly tried to flee. The cop is in surgery, according to the police.

Witnesses told Fox31: “We saw the guy, he was a tall man, with blond hair, wearing a raincoat.

“She yelled at him to ‘put the gun down!’ She yelled, ‘put the gun down’ and he turned around, pulled the gun out and shot her right in front of us, multiple times. “

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. It is not known if he died from the shooting of the officers.

Lakewood Police Department spokesman John Romero said: “I’m still not sure if it was caused by Lakewood police or not, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.”

He added: “It’s a tough day for the Lakewood police family, obviously when this happens to one of our own.

“We just ask everyone in our community for their thoughts and prayers, for that agent and his family.”

Police believe the gunman fired at seven different locations in the greater Denver area.

Authorities have called the series of shootings a “murder spree.”

Two people were shot near the intersection of East 1st Avenue and Broadway shortly after 5 pm in Denver.

A man was shot and killed in the Cheeseman Park neighborhood before another person was shot and killed in Lakewood.

SWAT teams entered the nearby Nordstrom Rack store around 10 p.m. local time, while officers searched the buildings as a precaution.

Denver police have confirmed the shootings are related, but officers are unsure how the incidents were linked.

Police Chief Paul Pazen said: “Seeing this kind of revelry is not normal in our community.

“This individual was responsible for this very violent crime spree that took place tonight.”

A woman was at an Xfinity store when she heard a “popping” noise outside.

She told CBS4: “It was like a gunshot and then maybe five or six more and a couple more after that.”

The woman added that Xfinity staff led shoppers behind the scenes.

Lili Gilbert, 18, was working at the Nordstrom Rack store when the shooting occurred.

Police told employees to lock the doors as customers and staff crowded the back of the store, according to USA Today.

He claimed he saw the body of a man dumped outside the store near the hotel.

She said: “I was scared because the body was there.”

Anne Wilson, who was shopping in Lakewood when the shots were fired, told a Denver-based NBC-affiliated station she heard “seven to eight shots.”

He said buyers took refuge in a back room until the danger passed.

She added: “It is a terrifying time that we live in.”

Police confirmed that there is no threat to the community and the motive for the shooting is unknown.

No arrests have been made, according to officers.

Pazen said: “We have to really investigate and find out what was the motivation behind this.”

Romero added: “At this point, we do not believe there will be any additional safety concerns for the public.”

There have been 687 mass shootings this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. The investigation group defines a mass shooting as an incident with four or more people injured or killed.