Depression and anxiety: 5 products that enhance them

Depression and anxiety: 5 products that enhance them

Diets rich in refined sugars promote inflammation and oxidative stress, which affect the brain.

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Food is the fuel for your brain. “Your brain can be damaged if you ingest anything other than premium fuel”Says Dr. Eva Selhub, an expert in the fields of stress and mind-body medicine, through Harvard Health. Some foods can lead to impaired brain function and even worsen symptoms of mood disorders, such as depression, as well as anxiety disorders.

Brain-damaging substances are obtained mainly from processed or refined foods. Selhub explains that the brain has little ability to eliminate them.

5 products that feed anxiety and depression

1. Alcohol

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Alcohol affects several nervous chemical systems that are important for regulating mood. Alcohol is a depressant and over time it can contribute to feelings of depression, anxiety, and make stress more difficult to handle.

If there is a predisposition to mental health disorders, alcohol can exacerbate the effects of certain conditions. notes that in some cases, excessive alcohol consumption can even trigger suicidal thoughts or tendencies.

2. Foods and drinks rich in sugar

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Diets rich in refined sugars promote inflammation and oxidative stress. Inflammation and oxidative stress that are often increased in people experiencing anxiety and depression. Not only are sodas rich in sugar, so are lemonades, energy drinks, energy drinks, and sweetened powdered drinks.

Fruit juices would not be a convenient drink either. They have high amounts of sugar that can cause energy spikes and crashes that can be detrimental to anxiety and depression. Nutritionists prefer that you eat the whole fruit for vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber.

3. Refined carbohydrates

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Refined carbohydrates also make your body’s insulin regulation worse. When a person eats them, the body’s energy levels rise rapidly but then collapse.

Some of these foods: white bread, refined rice, packaged sandwiches, sodas, and sugary cereals.

4. Saturated and highly processed fats

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Products that contain refined and saturated fats promote inflammation by affecting brain function and worsening symptoms of depression. Saturated fats are found primarily in red meat, butter, whole milk, cream, ice cream, and cheese.

As for oils, extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil are two healthy options.

5. Processed meats

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Processed meats are one of the foods that promote chronic inflammation. They are high in salt, preservatives and fat. Its use has also been linked to an increased risk of dementia.

Mayo Clinic shares that several studies have found that people with a high intake of processed meat, chocolates, sweet desserts, fried foods, refined cereals, and high-fat dairy products are more likely to report symptoms of depression.

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