Derision? Between laughs, Ángela Aguilar uses an iconic phrase from Belinda

Mexico.- The singer Angela Aguilar was present at the Premio Lo Nuestro ceremony, sweeping her arrival and participation, a moment in which many other celebrities took advantage of the occasion to speak with her, be photographed by her side and even record her, such is the case of the singer Jhonny Caz, a member of Firm group.

After going on stage and being named Female Revelation Artist, Ángela went backstage, where she met Jhonny, who did not miss the opportunity to congratulate her on her achievement and a luxurious presentation, at which time the young artist made a curious comment.

While being congratulated by the Mexican singer, Angela, between laughsmentioned: “Winning, as always”, a recognized phrase of the singer Belindawhich he said during an interview years ago and has become a very iconic and recognized phrase.

But what has caught everyone’s attention is that Ángela Aguilar said it with laughter, many believe that it was mockery, since it is worth mentioning that it has been rumored that her friendship with Christian Nodal did not continue anymore despite their chemistry presumably because Belinda intervened in this

This is how a debate broke out on social networks, where many argue that the regional Mexican and pop music singer made the comment without any malice, but others assure that she did it with the intention that Belinda would see her, because she shared again stage with her ex-fiancé.

Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal they shared the stage during a tribute to Don Vicente Fernández at Premio Lo Nuestro, where other artists were present and keeping them company, which has given them a lot to talk about, since presumably the singers were no longer friends due to jealousy of the former interpreter of ‘Goodbye Love‘.

Until now none of those involved have spoken. On the other hand, it is recalled that Mhoni Vidente assured that both singers will form a relationship in the future, after the scandal generated by the separation of the most beloved couple in the entertainment world.

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