‘Desanimado,’ the latest collaboration between Christian Nodal and Ramón Vega, drops on July 27

The musical fusion of Christian Nodal and Ramón Vega, as they blend their talents in the track 'Desanimado,' releasing July 27

A fresh wave of talent is being added to the digital platforms of Mexican regional music. Promising new voices are cropping up everywhere, and one recent collaboration that stands out is between Christian Nodal and Ramón Vega.

Who is Sergio Vega?

Ramón Vega, a Sonora native, is making his way into the big leagues with the help of the artist behind ‘Ya no somos ni seremos.’ Born into a family of talent, Ramón is the nephew of Sergio Vega, better known as ‘El Shaka.’ His older brother, Cornelio Vega Jr., has also been making his mark on the stage for some time now.

The young singer has had a long journey from a very early age to find his niche in the genre that he now excels in. His experimentation with different genres has endowed him with a wealth of experience that he now exhibits on stage in the mastery of his voice.

At just 18 years old, Ramón Vega is thrilled to be releasing his new production on July 27.


When does the collaboration between Christian Nodal and Sergio Vega come out, and what is it called?

The song, aptly named ‘Desanimado,’ is a collaboration between the northern duo. This regional urban genre is gaining traction amongst popular singers like Peso Pluma, Natanel Cano, Junior H, and others.

‘Desanimados’ is set to launch on July 27. Ramón Vega gave a little sneak peek on his Instagram profile, featuring Christian Nodal enjoying the collaboration. The video shows them driving around, singing their uplifting song aimed at soothing broken hearts.