Despite alleged deception, Edwin Luna does not have courage to Roberto Romano

The vocalist of La Trakalosa de Monterrey, edwin moonrecalled again the moments that happened when his wife Kimberly Flores was participating in the reality show ‘The house of the famous’, and recognized that he does not feel any kind of grudge against the actor Roberto Romanos, despite the rumors of a alleged infidelity.

The controversial couple has been in the eye of the hurricane since they began their relationship, and since then their marriage has been involved in all kinds of scandals, but it was last year when they experienced a family crisis that was in all the headlines.

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Exclusively for the program ‘Hoy Día’, the Mexican regional music exponent told his version of the events and assured that, although he does not regret that the Guatemalan model was part of the Telemundo television network project, he could not allow that her children cried every day for the absence of their mother.

And it was the strong statements of his mother-in-law, which forced the Monterrey singer to make the decision to go look for his wife at “The House of Celebrities” to take her home again, and assured that she would be removed from the program saved their marriage with Kimberly Flowers.

When questioned about the actor Roberto Romano, who was identified as the third in discord between the couple, Edwin Luna explained that he has no problem with him, even pointing out that he would be able to greet him if he met him somewhere.

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“He is a person whom I have no courage, whom I do not have any negative feelings for, if I saw him, I salute him,” he commented. “In everything, it is a strategy, but for my wife to have chosen that person to make her strategy, she has to be for something and she deserves my respect.”

To finish, the interpreter of ‘Drunk on love’ said that despite not knowing the actor, he has respect for him, and confessed that he does not want to have ‘bad blood’ with anyone.

“I have respect for his work, for what he has done; I do not know him, I cannot judge him and I am not interested in having a feud with someone in life because this is how it is, “she clarified.

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