Despite the warm reception, Eduin Caz declines a photo request from Bernardo Javier, Galilea Montijo’s friend

An unexpected twist from the popular Hoy show as a close associate of Galilea Montijo reveals a surprising encounter with singer Eduin Caz.

A close friend of Galilea Montijo is left without a photo of Eduin Caz; they denied it to her, and she revealed it on her social networks.

On Thursday, May 18, the show Hoy dressed up with the presence of Grupo Firme and 6ix9ine, who came to promote their song ‘Y ahora.’

During his visit to the program, Eduin Caz – 28 years old – was very friendly and, even on social networks, showed his lavish welcome in the Hoy program.

However, it was revealed that Eduin Caz had not been nice to everyone and a close friend of Galilea Montijo had been left without a photo.

Through his social networks, a close friend of Galilea Montijo confessed that Eduin Caz refused to take a picture with him.

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Eduin Caz (Eduin Caz Instagram @eduincaz)

Despite being close to Galilea Montijo, he was left without his picture of Eduin Caz.

Thanks to the success of Grupo Firme, Eduin Caz has become one of the most popular singers in the music industry.

Eduin Caz is currently promoting his song ‘Y ahora,’ so he appeared on Hoy, where he participated in different sections.

The social networks showed the great reception that Grupo Firme had in Hoy, and several people wanted to have a picture with Eduin Caz.

However, Eduin Caz had not agreed to take pictures with everyone and exhibited an intimate of Galilea Montijo.

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On his Instagram account, Bernardo Javier, known as ‘El Peinador de las Estrellas’, confessed that Eduin Caz had not agreed to take a picture with him.

Bernardo Javier pointed out that he had previously said that Eduin Caz had been very good without imagining that he would later deny him a photograph.

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Bernardo Javier (@chamonic3 / Instagram )

Although her close friend was left without a photo, Galilea Montijo bragged that she did have her picture with Grupo Firme.

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Galilea and Grupo Firme (@galileamontijo / Instagram )

Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo tried Grupo Firme’s “agüita,” which is how it went.

After having the presence of Grupo Firme, Andrea Legarreta – 51 years old – and Galilea Montijo – 49 years old – revealed what it was like to live with them behind the screen.

Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo confessed that she had given them a taste of her “agüita” and that it was powerful.

Even Andrea Legarreta confessed that she already felt like it was night when it was only 11 am.

When talking about the scare Eduin Caz got when 6ix9ine tried to jump off the Turibus, Andrea Legarreta pointed out that it was already known that they would get drunk because they had already said so.

Paul Stanley confessed that he had been invited but had not agreed to go because he was responsible. Andrea Legarreta pointed out that neither Arath de la Torre nor Raúl Aranza was present for that reason.