Destiny Coston was shot at point-blank range in the forehead and killed at her home on Gordon St. in Clifton

Witnesses present at Destiny Coston's apartment remain uncooperative in the ongoing NYPD investigation into her death.

On October 6th, 2023, 17-year-old Destiny Coston was found dead in her home on Gordon Street in Staten Island, New York. The talented teenager’s sudden passing has left family and friends reeling as they struggle to make sense of this tragedy.

The Discovery

At approximately 9:15 PM on Friday, October 6th, police responded to a 911 call at the Coston residence. Inside the home, they found Destiny unconscious with a fatal gunshot wound to her head. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Initial reports stated that the shot was fired at close range, evidenced by powder burns on Destiny’s face, leading investigators to rule out suicide early on. The pistol allegedly involved was recovered from the home.

The Investigation

The NYPD immediately launched an investigation into Destiny’s death, which was officially ruled a homicide on October 10th. However, many questions still remain.

Several other people were present in the apartment when the shot rang out, including some of Destiny’s siblings. However, none of the witnesses have cooperated with the investigation thus far.

Police are looking into whether the shooting was intentional or if it could have been a tragic accident, possibly resulting from reckless horseplay with a firearm. But without further information, authorities have not yet determined exactly what transpired that fateful evening.

Remembering Destiny

While the investigation continues, those who knew Destiny best are left mourning the loss of a talented young woman who was taken too soon.

Destiny had a passion for singing and dancing. Her family describes her as a natural leader and the “charm of the family” who lit up every room she entered.

Her cousin, Serenity Camacho, shared that Destiny was “always smiling” and could instantly lift the mood of those around her, no matter the circumstances.

Camacho said of her cousin, “She’s so loving. She’s so good with kids.” The family is understandably devastated and struggling to cope with this sudden tragedy.

The Aftermath

In the days following Destiny’s death, makeshift memorials popped up outside the Coston home. Friends and neighbors left flowers and candles to honor Destiny’s life and the joy she brought to so many.

Her loved ones are now left searching for answers and demanding justice. But the truth remains elusive.

Gun Violence Impact

While Destiny’s case is unique in many ways, her tragic death highlights some sobering statistics about gun violence in America today.

Destiny Coston was one of dozens of American teenagers killed by gunfire so far in 2023. Her name has been added to memorials and databases tracking the lives lost to senseless gun violence across the nation.

Some groups, like the Gun Violence Archive, report that over 1,500 American teens lost their lives to guns in 2022 alone. Destiny Coston is now sadly among them.

Seeking Closure

For now, Destiny’s family and the Staten Island community are left with more questions than answers about what led to her tragic end.

The NYPD vows to continue its investigation until the full truth comes to light. But nothing can undo this tragedy or fill the void left behind.

Loved ones encourage anyone with information to come forward so that Destiny’s case can be resolved and proper justice achieved. But whatever the outcome, this bright young life has been cut short, leaving only memories of Destiny’s vibrance and promise.

The Coston family will carry on, even as they grieve the loss of someone gone far too soon. Destiny’s loved ones describe her as “irreplaceable” and say the pain of losing her will never fully fade.

For now, they are taking things one day at a time while awaiting answers in a case that shook Staten Island to its core. Destiny Coston’s death serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the scourge of gun violence stealing away America’s youth.