Details emerge of Rauw Alejandro’s magical proposal to Rosalía on a Puerto Rican rooftop

The intimate moments leading to the beloved music couple's engagement amidst a backdrop of Puerto Rican starlight.

It was in March of 2023 when one of the most beloved couples in the music industry worldwide announced through the premiere of a video that they were engaged. We are talking about Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia, who have starred in one of the most beautiful romances in recent years.

Throughout their romance, Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro have never been involved in controversy, so their engagement was something that their fans knew was going to happen sooner or later. Still, the couple revealed how the romantic moment occurred a few days ago.

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro reveal details of their engagement

In an interview for GQ, Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro talked about several personal topics. In that talk, the couple put each other to the test as they asked each other very personal questions, and both answered correctly.

However, the most special moment of that talk was when Rauw Alejandro asked his beloved girlfriend if she remembered in detail when he asked her to marry him. The singer of “Con Altura” assured everyone she did it most beautifully.

“It was the most beautiful way I could have imagined. On the roof of your grandmother’s house, fireworks started, you could see all of Puerto Rico and I didn’t expect it,” Rosalía began to tell.

Then the Spanish singer continued to recall with a little difficulty, detail by detail, and she also revealed that her boyfriend knelt before her and had some inconvenience taking out the jewel with which he proposed to her.

“Rauw said to me ‘come, I want to show you a place’. And I followed him in the most innocent way, and all of a sudden he started looking for something…,” she continues. “I was thinking ‘what is he looking for?’ He knelt down, I think… I was nervous, I don’t remember the details,” said Rosalía for GQ.

And is that also called “Motomami,” she said that upon realizing the situation, she became so nervous that she could not believe that her boyfriend would give her a ring, so she could not hold back her tears.

“I just thought, ‘I can’t believe it. He’s not going to give me a ring’. And then I started crying,” said the Spanish singer.

How they met

Like every beautiful story, it has an exciting beginning. Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro’s story is no exception because the singers met thanks to a common friend since music brought them closer.

On several occasions, the Puerto Rican-born singer has revealed that he was attracted to Rosalía because, besides admiring her work as a singer, he always liked her. He also assures that he was the one who took the first step to start this love story.

Also, in the interview for GQ, Rauw confessed that he has very present for every detail of the day that was his first date with the woman who would soon be his wife because he said that the Spaniard that day was wearing a black suit and that he asked to drink whiskey and she only drank water.

However, Rauw Alejandro also confessed that he remembers perfectly when they first kissed: “It was in Madrid in 2019, before Christmas Eve, on the 23rd,” he recalled, to Rosalia’s surprise.