Details on the death of Octavio Ocaña: he died of a shot in the head and refuses to shoot in the pursuit

The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico shared in its official accounts details about the death of actor Octavio Ocaña, also known as Benito in the series “Neighbors” on the Televisa network. Important points about the events have been clarified and it is that to begin with, although it is true there was a persecution after which the young actor ended up dead, there was no shooting during it.

It is now known, according to said legal instance, that Octavio lost his life due to a shot in the head. Inside the vehicle that Ocaña was driving, a percussion shell and ballistic evidence were found on the roof of the car. One of the companions, during his statement, admitted that the actor did carry a firearm in the truck.

At the moment it is unknown what caused the shot. It is not known if the weapon was activated by accident, but everything seems to indicate that the shot did not come from outside the vehicle, but from inside. Some, as a result of these concrete events, now believe that this may be suicide.

Given this information shared by the Prosecutor’s Office and replicated by media such as Venga La Alegría on their social networks, there are many who dare to assure in the comment space that everything seems too strange to them, and that they also believe that the actor is indeed the policemen killed him. “Octavio was killed by the policemen”, says a user on the network. More than 506 “likes” received this message, and it is that like him there are many who share his thinking. Yet another commented: “Like they are manufacturing tests. He is very strange, that he takes out the gun and nobody fired it ”.

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