Diana Negrete loses her life at 79 years

  • The death of Jorge Negrete’s only daughter made the news
  • Diana Negrete had several days of poor health
  • The artist died of lung cancer

The daughter of Jorge Negrete passed away. Sad news on Friday, October 22, when the death of Diana Negrete was announced, the only daughter of actor and singer Jorge Negrete and actress Elisa Christy. We all knew that the artist had several days of torment, and this Friday she could not bear the disease anymore.

The terrible statement was made by her relatives. They have also mentioned that the singer was in very poor health for several days. According to the Debate portal, they even took the opportunity to say goodbye and farewell to the only daughter of the famous “Charro singer.”

Jorge Negrete’s only daughter dies

The artist died at the age of 79, due to lung cancer, a disease made even more difficult because of diabetes. Diana Negrete Crochet has left behind three children: Lorenzo, Rafael and Diana. So far, they did not mention anything about their mother’s death.

The legacy of the famous Mexican actor continued through his only daughter who decided to carry on family’s tradition, of a great importance in Mexico. Acting as a musician, there were moments where the woman recorded musical themes as tributes for her father.

Users reacted when they have found out that Jorge Negrete’s daughter died

Users react when they find out that Jorge Negrete's daughter dies

Immediately, Internet users showed their pain for the sensitive loss of Diana Negrete on social media, and began to send messages of support to the family, saying goodbye to Charro’s daughter passed away at the age of 79, a victim of lung cancer lung and diabetes.

“A great lady Diana Negrete, I always see her in Jorge’s tributes at the Panteón Jardín”, “A beautiful love for her father”, “How beautiful the daughter of the great Jorge Negrete, I send everyone a big hug” were some of the comments, reminding Diana’s father and the great love she had for him.

“A big hug for this great woman”, mentioned the followers when Jorge Negrete’s daughter died

Twitter announcement

“Today I was sad to find out that Diana Negrete passed away (1942-2021, the only daughter of the Charro Cantor”, “from Chile condolences to the Negrete Dynasty for the departure of their Doña Diana Negrete Crochet, the only daughter of the singer Jorge Negrete and mother of @rafa_negrete”, a big hug for the whole family.”

“Diana Negrete dies. A big hug for a great woman, daughter of the unforgettable Charro singer Jorge Negrete. She will always be fondly remembered by those of us who had the honor of meeting her and chatting with her”, “May God have her in His glory alongside Jorge, so that they continue to sing us from the stars and the blue sky,” the messages continued.

Diana Negrete had an adopted sister

Diana Negrete had an adopted sister

We should remind ourselves that the Charro singer, Don Jorge Negrete, had two daughters: Diana Negrete Crochet and Gloria Virginia Guadalupe Ramos Luna. When Gloria was a little girl, Jorje Negrete and Gloria Marín decided to adopt her in their first years of his relationship, since they never wanted to have their own biological children, according to Infobae.

Actually, Diana Negrete Crochet was the only daughter the singer had with his first romance. It was 1940 when he married the actress Elisa Christy and two years later little Diana was born. The cause of their future divorce was the secret relationship the singer had with Gloria Marín.

Jorge Negrete had only one very spoiled daughter

Jorge Negrete had his only very spoiled daughter

On certain occasions, Diana claimed that her father had quite spoiled her and that he was also a very affectionate father. During the golden age of Mexican cinema, the now-deceased claimed that her father came to visit her daily at her maternal grandparents’ house and brought her gifts.

So much love she had for the Charro singer that after his death, on December 5, 1953, Diana Negrete decided to continue her father’s legacy. She did not achieve the desired success, since very little is known about Jorge’s daughter. These little details highlight the great love that father and daughter had.

The death of a Mexican filmmaker

Mexican filmmaker dies
Photo El Universal

Recently, the death of Mexican filmmaker Felipe Cazals, known as the director of “Canoa”, “El año de la peste” or “El pando”, died at the age of 84. News were reported by the AP News Agency and Paco Zea’s website, and they caused sadness within the entertainment world.

Felipe Cazals was born on July 28, 1937 in Guéthary, France. Shortly after, his family emigrated to Mexico. He was registered as born in Mexico, and it was the same country where he lived most of his years, according to official information emerged after his death.

He had an incredible track record

Felipe Cazals
AP Photo

A decade later, he won the Concha de Plata award for best director at the San Sebastián International Film Festival for “Los Motivos de Luz,” a film about a woman imprisoned after being accused of having murdered her children. The film also brought Ariel Award, the Mexican equivalent of the Oscars, to Patricia Reyes Spíndola and supporting actress Ana Ofelia Murguía.

Cazals won the Ariel Award for Best Director for “El año de la peste” and “Bajo la metralla” in 1980 and 1984, respectively. His featured documentary “Digna: Hasta el Ultiento” was awarded with the Ariel prize in 2005.

Several of his works stand out

AP Photo

His most recent Ariel award for both, best director, and original screenplay, were won a year later for “Las vueltas del citrillo.” In 2010 he was recognized by the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Sciences and Arts with a Golden Ariel for his career. “Chico Grande”, “Rigo es amor”, “Las inocentes” and “Las poquianchis” were some of the other films of the artist.

People immediately began writing messages of prayers and solidarity for family and friends. The entertainment world is mourning the departure of a filmmaker who marked an epoch in Mexican cinema and achieved several successes with productions that captivated the audience.


The poquianchis
AP Photo

“There are no good or bad films, but films that remain in the memory and those that are forgotten,” said Felipe Cazals, when he was asked for an opinion about different screenplays that made it to the cinema. He was recognized for his work not only in Mexico but throughout the world.

This Saturday, at age 84, the director of “Canoa”, “Las Poquianchis” and “El Apando”, passed away. Nobody knew what caused the death until midnight. His most recent film was “Ciudadano Buelna”, starring Sebastián Zurita, and premiered in 2013.

He stood out in the world of cinema

Mexican filmmaker dies
Photo El Universal

During the 21st century he filmed “Su alteza serenísima, Digna: hasta el último aliento”, about the defender of rights Digna Ochoa, “Las vueltas del citrillo” and “Chicogrande”, both dealing with the Mexican Revolution, earning the respect of the critics and the general audience.

“Canoa” portrays the lynching of university workers in San Miguel Canoa, Puebla, during 1968. The movie received the Silver Bear – Special Jury Prize in 1976’s Berlin Film Festival. Due to the threats he had to endure and the risks taken by the production team, to shoot “Canoa” he had to go to a neighboring town, similar to the original.