Did Andrea Escalona and Tania Rincón fight during the Hoy Program?

Are there problems between Andrea Escalona placeholder image and Tania Rincón? The conductors of Today Program they starred in a awkward fight during one of the morning’s game dynamics, but the public noticed that both celebrities were not very comfortable with the activity.

Although Tania usually shares on social networks that He has a good relationship with all his colleagues on the Televisa program, It is possible that there is a conflict with Escalona that very few know about.

During one of the live programs, Andrea Escalona and Tania Rincón “faced each other” in a game that consists of the drivers or guests putting on several large life jackets, this in order to make it difficult for them to run or walk, and That was the situation that got a little out of control.

Andrea and Tania seemed to be uncomfortable from the fight over the microphone

The hosts of the Hoy program were tense due to the game / Photo: Las Estrellas

During the game, first a song began to sound, the conductors had to reach a microphone and the first one to arrive had to continue singing, with that they earned a point. Fans of the Hoy program declared on social networks that from the beginning both Andrea and Tania “looked tense” with this game.

Since before Galilea Montijo give them the instruction to play, both they began to say some things between them. Andrea Escalona was faster than Tania Rincón to reach the microphone, but this did not prevent both from falling to the ground and Tania taking the opportunity to take the microphone from Andrea; in the end, Escalona was the winner.

Did Andrea Escalona push Tania Rincón?

What was captured by the cameras shows that when the two drivers got up, Andrea approaches Tania and pushes her. So rumors emerged in social networks that there is no good relationship between them.

As we have told you in AmericanPost.NewsUntil now, neither Andrea Escalona nor Tania Rincón have said that they have any conflict between the two. But the fans of the morning consider that it is likely that the former host of Venga La Alegría is not to the liking of all the members of Hoy.

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