Did Belinda leak Christian Nodal’s alleged incurable disease? this is known

Christian Nodal once again he gave something to talk about, after it was leaked that he was supposedly diagnosed with herpes, it begins to speculate that it was Belinda the one that revealed the information. But what is known? We give you the details.

In American Post News We let you know that apparently Christian Nodal’s incurable disease would have begun to affect his relationship with Cazzu, despite the fact that they have been seen to be very much in love.

Given the difficult time that the singer would be living, rumors have begun that it could have been Belinda who revealed the information, as they assure that she is determined to affect her ex-fiancé’s career, after the controversial breakup they had, which follows monopolizing the gossip of the show business.

Does Belinda leak Christian Nodal scandals?

Does Belinda leak Christian Nodal scandals? What happened to the romance of Belinda and Christian Nodal?

After it became known that Christian Nodal would have herpes and that he would already be undergoing treatment and before the statements about a possible Christian Nodal concert in the Zócalo, only if there was Belinda’s approval, the host of Gossip No Like gave strong statements .

According to Javier Ceriani, it would be Belinda who has leaked the recent Christian Nodal scandals, as she would be willing to destroy the Mexican singer’s career.

“We already said it months ago that the herpes campaign, all this belongs to Belinda. She is going to destroy Nodal, believe me what I tell you. He has it planned with his publicists to finish it, so this too, already makes Nodal a clown that the president has to consult Belinda so that he can play in the Zócalo, ”he assured.

Before his statements, Javier Ceriani was questioned about whether he is not afraid that Belinda will take action in the face of his statements, the journalist stressed that the singer has great power.

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What happened to the relationship between Belinda and Nodal?

What happened to the romance of Belinda and Christian Nodal?

After two years of relationship, Christian Nodal and Belinda confirmed the end of their commitment on February 12, 2022 and after 8 months they continue to generate great controversy.

Let us remember that at first both singers kept the reasons for their love break secret, however it was Christian Nodal who exhibited Belinda asking for money.

Although everything seems to indicate that Christian Nodal is very much in love and dedicated to his relationship with Cazzu, the singer is still related to Belinda.

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