Did Biby Gaytán get jealous of Thalía when she kissed Eduardo Capetillo?

Thalia Y Eduardo Capetillo sand they rediscovered virtually after 25 years that they starred in the successful Televisa telenovela “Marimar”. In their talk, both actors and singers recalled the best moments they experienced when they recorded the project in 1994, but also clarified a rumor that arose from Biby Gaytan.

Some media they speculated that Gaytán was getting very jealous that her now husband, Capetillo and her co-star of said melodrama kissed on screen, so supposedly, he ordered to turn off the forum monitors so as not to see said love scenes.

As we have mentioned in AmericanPost.NewsIt was said that Thalía and Eduardo Capetillo practically kissed secretly for the soap opera. And now it is known that this rumor is false, and it was the actor himself who has decided to deny it and commented that it is only “a myth”.

Eduardo Capetillo was the one who actually got jealous

Gaytán was not jealous of the performances in “Marimar” / Photo: La República The singer has known the Capetillo-Gaytán couple for years / Photo: Soy Carmín

According to Eduardo’s statements, actually It was he who ordered to turn off the monitors of the forum where his now wife participated. Since at the same time they were filming “Marimar”, Biby Gaytán was the star of “Dos Mujeres un Camino”, where she had to do some romantic scenes with the actor Erik Estrada.

“It was the other way around, you ordered the other monitor to turn off, you didn’t want to see Poncho Aurelio (Estrada) giving your Biby kisses,” Thalía declared with a laugh.

However, the former Timbiriche said that simply I did this to try to avoid misunderstandings Well, I didn’t want to make either of the two actresses uncomfortable: “No, as you think. An excellent actor Erik Estrada and when I saw him, we got along very well ”, he explained.

“What happens is that I have always tensed in those scenes. It is a matter of not knowing how the actress is going to react, not to look like a stained person. I have had to work with very beautiful women and that is to say ‘don’t think that I want to go overboard’, so I try to be very measured and sometimes I am so measured that it happens to me ”, declared Capetillo.

Thalía witnesses the great love that exists between Eduardo and Biby

The singer has known the Capetillo-Gaytán couple for years / Photo: Soy Carmín

The star of “Marimar” explained that he knows the couple and knows the great love they have, so he questioned Capetillo where he came from that jealous man concept that many people have of him.

The actor ruled that they are unsubstantiated speculations and that the decision was simply made that Biby Gaytán dedicate herself to her family. “I have not wanted to say anything or contradict because if I get into the ring with those people I give them an importance that they do not have,” he explained.

“If I were that jealous that they say I am, imagine now that Biby made Chicago, the facts are more powerful”, also Eduardo recognized the great sacrifice Biby made pausing his professional career for many years to dedicate himself to his family. Therefore, Thalía also highlighted the great work that Gaytán has done.

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