Did Canelo Alvarez kick Grupo firme out from his daughter’s 15th birthday? Carín León reveals the truth

The Quinceañera party that “El Caneloorganized for his eldest daughter has given a lot to talk about, especially because of the videos that were shared from Grupo Firme.

A video allegedly shows that Canelo -already with a few drinks too many- ran Grupo Firme away and although neither of them have said anything about it, Carín León shared the truth.

This is the version that Carín León, 33, gave to Sale el Sol about the drunkenness that took place for the XV años of Canelo Álvarez’s daughter.

Did Canelo kick Grupo Firme out? Carín León says it was just a drunkenness

During the parties, there is no shortage of bad drinks, so the news that 32-year-old Canelo removed Grupo Firme would not come as a surprise, although it would show another version of the athlete.

Eduin Caz at the party for Canelo Álvarez's daughter. (@eduincaz)
Eduin Caz at the party for Canelo Álvarez’s daughter. (@eduincaz)

Despite the video circulating on social networks, Carín León, the singer who also joined the exclusive party, assured that it was only a great drunkenness.

Carin Leon, singer. (@carinleonoficial)
Carin Leon, singer. (@carinleonoficial)

Within the framework of the October Festivities, Carín León said that at Canelo’s daughter’s party there was only “a good drunkenness, an unforgettable thing.”

He also celebrated the union of the Mexican regional with Canelo, “we live together as a family”, a comment that he later made public on his Instagram.

Carín León thanked Canelo “for making me part of this special moment”, expressing that he had an excellent time with Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme.

Firme Group and Carín León. (@carinleonoficial)
Firme Group and Carín León. (@carinleonoficial)

Grupo Firme also signaled that it was just about getting drunk with Canelo

No details about bad drink moments like the ones that 28-year-old Eduin Caz has starred in, or at least Canelo’s guests only point out that it was a good binge.

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In addition to Carín León’s comments, the singer of Grupo Firme commented on his colleague’s post with a “what a insane drunkeness.”

Carín León on the XV Years of Canelo's daughter. (@carinleonoficial / Screenshot)
Carín León on the XV Years of Canelo’s daughter. (@carinleonoficial / Screenshot)

But it was not only him, Abraham Luna, the second voice of Grupo Firme , also described what was experienced with Canelo as “crazy drinking moments that are not forgotten”.

Abraham Luna from Grupo Firme on the party of Canelo's daughter. (@abluna_firme / Screenshot)
Abraham Luna from Grupo Firme on the party of Canelo’s daughter. (@abluna_firme / Screenshot)

For now, the only one who remains silent is Canelo Álvarez, because although his wife Fernando Gómez already shared about the XV Years, the part about the drunkenness was omitted.