Has Carin León Admitted to Prior Drug Use? The Singer Gets Candid About His Past Experiences

Carin León reveals past drug experimentation in recent podcast, sparking debate on drug culture in music. Public response remains divided.

Mexican regional singer Carin León has recently made headlines after candidly speaking about his past drug use during a podcast interview. While he stated he does not have an addiction, León openly discussed trying various substances over the years. His comments have sparked discussion around drug culture in the music industry and the implications of a public figure being so forthcoming.

Singer Opens Up in Tell-All Interview

In a September 2022 appearance on the podcast “Puntos de Vista” hosted by Ernesto Barajas, León delved into his experiences experimenting with drugs. When asked point blank if he had ever performed “locochón,” aka under the influence, León responded, “Yes, of everything already.”

He went on to clarify and explain his relationship with substances:

“I have experimented with all the drugs there are and to be, but the truth is that to date I am a person who anchors the most…and I am not vicious, but the only thing I consume is pot and alcohol.”

Carin Leon

While maintaining he does not have an addiction, León disclosed he has tried:

  • Marijuana
  • Mushrooms
  • Pills

He justified his past drug use, saying:

“I say that in this life you have to come to live and the truth is…I feel that (you can) when you are well in your mind and when there are no problems, because when there are problems not even alcohol is good for you.”

Carin Leon

A Controversial Stance From the Artist

León’s candid revelations have garnered both praise and criticism. Some found the singer brave and genuine for opening up about his experiences in the music business. Others questioned whether it was appropriate for someone in the public to admit to illegal drug use.

Critics pointed to the potential influence León could have on younger fans. As a popular voice in regional Mexican music, some argue León should be more conscious of the message he is sending. However, supporters counter that the singer is not advocating drug use but honestly recounting his past.

Shows authenticity/vulnerabilitySets concerning example for youth
Sheds light on industry drug cultureNormalizes illegal activity
Encourages open conversationGlorifies drug use

León maintains he shares this part of his story without promoting drug use to others. He says he stays focused on his work and music career, no longer using substances in a way that would interfere with his responsibilities.

Moving Forward With Transparency

For now, it appears Carin León is committed to being transparent about his good and bad experiences. Only time will tell how these revelations shape public perception of the artist moving forward. While some appreciate his honesty, others worry it excuses dangerous behavior.

León maintains his priority is creating quality music for his fans. Whether you agree with his past actions or not, his abilities as an entertainer remain unchanged. Though controversial, this glimpse into his worldview provides insight into the man behind the voice.