Did Cazzu deform his face? The rapper receives criticism for this photograph

Cazzu is a successful Argentine rapper who, in addition to succeeding in music right now, is in everyone’s sights due to her relationship with the Mexican regional singer Christian Nodal.

Since they were romantically linked, the couple has been talked about by their appearances in public and even by their interactions with other people.

as we told you in American Post NewsCazzu was recently caught dancing with another woman on stage, which caused some Internet users to begin to speculate about the relationship between Argentina and the Mexican, but now a photograph has everyone worried about the appearance of his face.

Fans worry about Cazzu’s face

This is the photograph that caused a stir among the fans of Cazzu Cazzu and CRO when they were dating

The Argentine rapper Cazzu draws attention not only for her talent for music, but also for her indisputable beauty that involves not only her body but also her face.

However, now many fans have become concerned about the artist because she has shared a photograph in which she looks unrecognizable.

Lately there have been many artists who have suffered from poorly applied Botox and it seems that Cazzu became part of this list, because in his image you can see strangely fuller and more swollen lips than usual.

In addition to the fact that another of the areas that are altered are her cheeks, in addition to the fact that in previous publications a wrinkle was seen on the side of her lips that is no longer on her face.

While his eyes are excessively drawn. Her followers immediately noticed the singer’s change, so they began to write in the comments, even mentioning that it was a costume.

“I swear I thought it was someone dressed as a cazzu”, “Someone else saw that he did something to his face”, “Whatever you are consuming or practicing or whatever you are getting used to, stop seriously, you look emaciated” “No, what did you do to yourself Cazzu”, the users wrote.

Some have tried to justify this look by saying that she notices this because she doesn’t have the bangs she commonly wears, while for others it was the makeup’s fault.

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Who are Cazzu’s ex-boyfriends?

Cazzu and CRO when they were dating

The Argentine rapper has been linked to different men within the music industry, the best known being the Argentine rapper CRO, with whom she had a relationship but they separated so that both could fulfill their professional goals.

Although he was not the only one because for a time he was related to Bad Bunny himself; This rumor arose after Cazzu was seen on several occasions with the Bad Rabbit, however, neither of them confirmed the relationship, since both are very hermetic on these issues.

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