Did Don Armando from I am Betty the ugly regret the series? This revealed

Through the actor’s YouTube channel Jorge Enrique Abello, famous who achieved popularity for characterizing Don Armando from I am Betty the ugly, shared with his followers one of the saddest chapters of the Colombian series and assured that he regrets only one thing about his role.

The actor confessed that if he had the opportunity to turn back time, he would like to change the tone he used when speaking when he was angry, as we remember that there have been comments about the actor that he would be canceled for his macho behaviors and for his way of abusing the trust of Beatriz Pinzón Solano.

Last June 2021 we shared you in AmericanPost.News on the health problem of Jorge Enrique Abello, who confessed in an interview that he suffered from a disease due to the recordings of the series and assured that playing the character of the soap opera cost him heart disease.

Don Armando from I am Betty the Ugly spoke about his character

The character that the actor played had a characteristic remembered by the public and it was his way of shouting, although for some it was exaggerated, so he said that speaking like that was one of the worst decisions he made in his career, he assured that he was only 30 years when he played the role.

In the video he confessed that he is very ashamed to see the episodes of the series, since he considers that the acting tools were not the best for the character and that he did not represent what he wanted on the screen. In the same way, he commented that Don Armando had a double life and caused a whole conflict in the company.

Where can I see the series I am Ugly Betty?

The Colombian series is available on Netflix

The series is available on the Netflix streaming platform and since it joined the catalog it has become one of the series that is in the Top 10 of the platform, since it is at number 8, it continues to be one of the favorites of Internet users, despite the years since its premiere on television.

On the other hand, the characters of the series have also been remembered by fans, although the actor who played Don Armando de Yo soy Betty la fea confessed that he did not like something about his character, but users commented that his role marked a personal stamp that captivated viewers.

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