Did Dragon Ball Super producer promise a new anime in 2022?

According to information from SDP Noticias, the program Toei Animation Y Akira toriyama, Dragon ball super, I would be planning to release a new anime during 2022. The rumors started due to the series producer Akio Iyoku, who left a curious clue about having something more than the Super Hero movie during this year.

Iyoku didn’t go into much detail, so we’ll have to wait for more updates on the legendary shonen franchise. Previously in AmericanPost.News We report that the Super Hero movie adds another main character besides Gohan, the son of Goku.

What is the new Dragon Ball anime about?

Image: Toei Animation / DBS Super Hero Movie

Toei Animation has not given any description of the future of DBS. However, fans can look forward to the adaptation of the Moorish Arch on the small screen. They can also catch up on the Dragon Ball manga from Shueisha’s MANGA Plus app.

The anime proved to go its own way and expand its story with canon movies. One of the most recent officially brought Broly in and the next one seems to focus on members of the Red Patrol, Gohan’s daughter named Pan, and other classic heroes like Piccolo.

When will Dragon Ball Super 2 anime come out?

At the time of writing this article we do not yet have a release date for DBS 2. We only know that the movie Dragon Ball Super Super Hero premieres its first clip at NYCC 2021 and sets its release date for April of this year 2022 (Japan).

Finally, let’s remember that not many fans liked that Toei Animation adapted the DBS movies for the main series. We cannot deny that the above helped to confirm new characters within the canon and to explain in more detail the events of his feature films with Freeza, Beerus and Broly.

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