Did Eduin Caz Undergo a Cosmetic Lip Procedure?

Eduin Caz's recent photos hint at possible lip enhancements; many believe it might be hyaluronic acid treatment.

Eduin Caz, at 29, may have been absent from the limelight, but recent activity on his social media platforms suggests he’s not shying away from indulging in personal enhancements. A recent photograph has led many to believe Caz may have opted for a lip augmentation procedure.

A Glimpse on Instagram

The age-old adage claims that the internet is a treasure trove of truths, and Caz’s recent Instagram activity seems to uphold this sentiment. A seemingly innocuous selfie on his Instagram stories has become the focal point of speculation, particularly due to noticeable differences in the appearance of his lips.

For context, a series of photographs Eduin Caz uploaded from a recent horror event at Universal showcased his lips in various poses. This provided a clear “before” reference for his followers.

This is what Eduin Caz's lips looked like before (@eduincaz).
This is what Eduin Caz’s lips looked like before (@eduincaz).

Yet, a subsequent story on his Instagram revealed a distinct change. Caz appeared with noticeably fuller lips, a difference hard to miss. This led to a surge in speculation surrounding a potential cosmetic enhancement.

Moreover, hints of purplish hues on the sides of Caz’s lips have further fueled this speculation. Such discoloration can sometimes be an aftermath of injection-based treatments.

Delving Into The Details

For those unfamiliar with cosmetic treatments, hyaluronic acid is a common substance used for lip augmentation. Dr. Jose Cortes’ website elucidates that hyaluronic acid serves to contour and volumize the lips, even accentuating features like the cupid’s bow.

An essential point to note is the temporary nature of such treatments. Unlike permanent cosmetic surgeries, procedures using hyaluronic acid are reversible. If Caz did indeed opt for this, he retains the option of returning to his natural look.

Eduin Caz shows off in a selfie, and you can already see that he got his lips injected (@eduincaz)
Eduin Caz shows off in a selfie, and you can already see that he got his lips injected (@eduincaz)

The Financial Aspect

While the veracity of Caz’s alleged lip treatment remains undetermined, the cost of such procedures is known to range between 5,000 and 8,000 pesos. Citing Alberto Trapassi’s website, this price is typically per syringe. Proper recommendations usually advise against using more than one syringe for a single session.

Caz’s inclination towards aesthetic treatments isn’t new. There have been murmurs in the past about a potential rhinoplasty. Though Caz attributed this to a medical necessity to enhance breathing, there were whispers about noticeable changes in the shape of his nose.

In the end, while the internet is rife with speculation, only Eduin Caz knows the truth behind his latest look.