Did Ester Exposito and Alejandro Speitzer come back? They were caught at a party

For some months there has been talk of the love break between Ester Exposito and Alejandro Speitzer, who formed one of the most beloved and sensual couples in show business, as it is known that their first encounters were thanks to Danna Paola and now that they were seen partying, their reconciliation is rumored.

Despite the hopes of the fans, the Spanish actress was seen on a walk with the Uruguayan actor Nicolas Furtado, and it was even said that he had begun a formal relationship, for this reason it was believed that his love for the Mexican had been forgotten.

At some point it was said that Exter ran Alejandro for being kept, since strong rumors affirmed that the actor is very lazy and that in the department they shared, only she contributed money, something that was not to the liking of the beautiful woman.

Ester Exposito and Alejandro Speitzer could reconcile

The couple met at the actor’s restaurant in Madrid Their relationship lasted only a few months

Alejandro has a restaurant in Madrid called “Sal Mestiza” and for which, he had to travel to Spain and without anyone expecting it, he met his ex-girlfriend, which raised the rumors of a possible reconciliation although no one has said anything so far.

Ester herself shared on her Instagram the meeting with a short video where you can see that they were not alone, but with a group of friends, but although the Mexican does not appear in the images, his voice is heard.

Their meeting rekindled hopes, although previously uncomfortable encounters between Exposito and Speitzer had been captured when they had just finished their relationship.

What happened to Ester Exposito and Alejandro Speitzer?

Their romantic relationship only lasted a few months

It is unknown what happened between the two to make the decision to end their courtship but when asked, both denied that they separated on bad terms.

These statements were in doubt after Ester Exposito and Alex Speitzer ignored each other at an event, which again generated rumors that their relationship ended due to very bad situations.

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