Did Jenni Rivera have any cosmetic surgery?

Her fans knew her as the Diva de la Banda, for the media, a musical star on the rise, and, for many women, she an example of security and self-esteem to follow. However, Jenni Rivera’s physical changes throughout her life show that she was simply human. Moreover, some of the medical interventions she had to carry out were required by the health conditions she and her doctors were aware of.

In her depression, Jenni Rivera confessed that she would not sing again, so she would dedicate herself to prostitution. Still, Buenrostro, her aesthetic surgeon, gave her the strength to get up and recover from the surgeries.

Jenni Rivera’s physical changes were few but noticeable. The first of them took place in 2007. The singer accentuated her figure through one of the world’s most popular body reduction methods: liposuction. This cosmetic surgery seeks to eliminate fat deposits in different body parts. This technique serves to shape and reduce specific areas of our anatomy.

Between 2010 and 2011, the interpreter changed her figure again, although this time, she never confirmed it.

Did Jenni Rivera get butt implants?

Her buttocks gained more volume. It is unknown if Jenni Rivera had an implant or filler through fat injections. What is a fact is that the physical change was evident.

Jenni Rivera’s physical changes were not only intended to stylize her figure. The interpreter repeatedly mentioned that she did it to gain greater self-confidence since these interventions were favorable for her self-esteem.

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Jenni Rivera’s surgeon talked about her physical changes

Buenrostro revealed in an interview for the Primera Mano program that he does not know how many La Diva de la Banda performed. Still, they were more than five because, at certain times, they were big interventions, but at other times they were just touch-ups, always done with medical justification.

However, he also revealed that there were more times he denied intervention because not everything is fixed with surgeries. However, her career depended greatly on physical appearance, which had Jenni obsessed with obtaining a perfect body.

The doctor extracted up to seven liters of fat in each lipo surgery performed on the interpreter. The last request was a muscle girdle, which led the surgeon to scold the singer. A year before her death, Rivera underwent a massive operation, but she did not feel like undergoing rehabilitation this time.

In 2013, Dr. Carlos Buenrostro, who was the head surgeon of ‘La Diva de la Banda’, told the media about the processes that the artist had to undergo in his clinic, which is located in Tijuana, Baja California. Within everything he shared, he revealed that she had breast cancer.

Here is what he had to declare:

First of all, I want to say that in life Jenni allowed me to talk about what was being done, and she herself said it everywhere; In addition, I have the moral consent of the family. She had cancer and we removed it. We repaired her abdominal wall because her muscles were loose; We performed a lipectomy and put a mesh on her, she was very tight.

Dr. Carlos Buenrostro

Buenrostro said that even though she suffered a bit with her treatments, she always tried to see the bright side of everything and even joked that she would no longer be able to sing and would end up changing career-path.

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The first few days he complained a lot, not so much because of pain, but because she couldn’t move much or breathe well. She told me with everything and her annoyance: ‘I’m not going to be able to sing, now I’m going to have to dedicate myself to prostitution?’

Dr. Carlos Buenrostro

Among other things, the doctor explained that Jenni had a strong character and had collided with the anesthesiologist. He also added that he had to yell at her on one occasion because she was getting discouraged.

Yes, he clashed with the anesthesiologist, with us, he was not at all docile, but two days went by and he did not want to get up, I worried because he was crushing himself and had to get up and walk. I loved her very much, but first there is the professional and it is the only time I spoke strongly to her.

Dr. Carlos Buenrostro

Also on Jenni Rivera:

The surgeon expressed that she was someone very special whom he still loves very much, making it clear that he will still carry her inside his heart despite no longer being on this existential plane.

Moreover, based on his declarations, we can establish that Jenni Rivera did have at least 5 important cosmetic surgeries.