Did Kimberly Flores call Mona a liar? New controversy caused a stir

The influencer and singer Kimberly Flowers has given something to talk about recently and on this occasion has once again starred in a new scandal, and in AmericanPost.News We share with you why users have criticized her, because everything arose from a video she shared monkey.

It is worth mentioning that Geros’s girlfriend is very active on social networks and shares videos to talk about her daily life, and in one of her clips she commented that her followers questioned her if she was thinking of having surgery and she revealed that she started looking for a surgeon and he asked edwin moon.

We remember that the wife of the singer of La Trakalosa de Monterrey is involved in the controversy for taking the money that her husband left to a waiter, so we made it known to you in the entertainment news, but now, the influencer has crossed out liar to the young woman.

Kimberly Flores admitted that if she is operated

In a video they shared on Facebook, you can hear that Mona said that when she asked Edwin to give her the contact information of the surgeon who operated on Flores, he told her that Kim is not operated on, she even asked for the contact information of Karely Ruiz and He said he didn’t know her.

After Mona’s comments, Luna’s wife was asked if she really is not operated, so the influencer defended herself and said that she is operated, she also expressed that she is already fed up with the lies and criticism of her person.

For his part, Flores said: “I will not accept being offended by harassing me… the fact of being a public figure does not want that… who said that ma…”. It was the influencer’s comments that caused various reactions, and they comment that she hangs on Mona’s fame.

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What about Kimberly Flores?

Edwin Luna’s wife

The singer Kimberly Flores, wife of Edwin Luna, has caused controversy for her statements regarding the videos that have been published about her, although it is not the first time that she has starred in controversial moments, since her visit to La Casa de los Famosos caused a stir.

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