Did Lana Del Rey wear an $ 18 Shein dress to the red carpet?

Lana del Rey could be the Artist of the Decade, but still loves bargains. The 36-year-old “Summertime Sadness” singer arrived at the Variety’s Hitmakers Awards on Saturday to accept the prestigious honor.

But instead of wearing designer clothes on the Red Carpet, chose a mini laced-up dress with a green marble print, casually layered under a baggy black jacket.

Fans on social media suspected that Lana Del Rey was hooked on the revealing dress from popular fast-fashion brand Shein, with many sharing screenshots of a nearly identical dress priced at around $ 18 on the Shein’s website.

Lana del Rey fans go crazy with her cheap dress

Did Lana Del Rey wear an $ 18 Shein dress to the red carpet?

“Absolutely losing my mind to see Lana Del Rey wearing an $ 18 Shein dress for the Variety Awards,” one person tweeted, along with snapshots of the artist of the decade’s style alongside that of Shein’s model.

Did Lana Del Rey wear an $ 18 Shein dress on the red carpet?

“Lana in a Shein dress will always be iconic. What do you spend your money on? “another asked, while a third joked:” Lana Del Rey picking up the Decade award in an old jacket and Shein dress. QUEEN.” But there may be more to the “Young and Beautiful” singer’s ensemble than meets the eye.

Is Lana del Rey’s dress from Shein?

@LanaDelReyClosets, a fan account that identifies the singer’s outfits, noted that Girlfairy sells a strikingly similar look for $ 47, for example, and unlike the Shein dress, it is still in stock.

Del Rey has a history of hitting the red carpet in surprisingly accessible outfits. Who could forget when she showed up at the 2020 Grammys in a silver beaded gown that she had bought “last minute” at the mall?

Although her latest look seems to divide her fans, it’s safe to say that Lana del Rey is taking it all in stride. “I’m grateful for all the criticism, I get a lot,” she joked as she accepted her Variety award on the stage.