Did Tania Ruiz and Enrique Peña Nieto possibly end their courtship?

The model Tania ruiz has again raised rumors of a possible separation of the former president Enrique Peña Nieto. These rumors arose after the influencer also shared a message on her Instagram account to say goodbye to the year 2021.

“God does not want you to leave this life without having really lived it, without having really been you. Some people left, not all people are friends and many times we expect more than we sometimes receiveRuiz declared.

“But that they do have it for sure that who stayed with you are real“wrote the model. As we reported in AmericanPost.News, Rumors of a breakup between Tania Ruiz and Peña Nieto also emerged in June 2020, although she herself clarified that she was still engaged with the former president of Mexico.

Tania Ruiz says she has “a happy heart”

The influencer also surprised by appearing with a new look in her hair / Photo: Instagram Ruiz and Peña have kept their love relationship low / Photo: Net Noticias

However, in his next post he assures that has a happy heart and all the energy to start 2022. Which could indicate that the heart is not broken, and that means that is not going through a love breakup.

“Twelve months, a happy heart, a positive attitude, 4 seasons, a state of peace, eyes that look forward, a soul that wishes them well, 365 new days, 365 opportunities. Always hand in hand with God” Tania Ruiz wrote in her last Instagram post.

In addition, the 34-year-old model published on her social network that the Christmas celebrations He passed them along with EPN’s daughters, Paulina and Nicole Nieto. Although at no time was the politician seen.

The courtship of Tania Ruiz and EPN

Ruiz and Peña have kept their love relationship low profile / Photo: Net Noticias

The relationship between Tania and Peña Nieto is believed to have started in 2019, when they were captured together in Madrid. One of their last appearances together was last October after the couple was seen leaving a Rome hotel.

It has been speculated that Tania Ruiz wants to marry the former Mexican president after more than two years of dating; however, some believe that Enrique Peña Nieto possibly not ready for a third marriage, after the mediatic divorce he had with his second wife, the actress Angelica Rivera.

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